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Hoverboards in our future?

Updated on August 20, 2007

Anyone who has ever seen Back to the Future II has probably wondered why we don't have real life hoverboards with us now. After all, it is 2007, which is only a few years away from the 2015 date they gave us for that film.

Fortunately, there are some alternatives. The first is a product suspiciously called the Hoverboard by a company called Future Horizons. Seen below, this orange guy can keep you three inches above the ground at a maximum speed of 20 mph. The controls are operated via remote that is sadly wired, but it can control the rudder position and speed. I am a little concerned about the wire getting caught in the blades, though. Couldn't someone put some Bluetooth into this bad boy?

Anyway, you can purchase this futuristic skateboard/lawn mower combo for about $9,000 USD at For a fraction of that cost, you can buy the plans to build your own hoverboard. I really have my doubts that you are getting the genuine article here. Future Horizons sells a lot of science stuff that doesn’t look even remotely real. Categories on their site include Time Travel and other such stuff.

If you’re still interested in hovering tech, you might be interested in a second option. Seen below, is called the Airboard. It doesn’t come with the models in the picture, but, unlike the Future Horizons Airboard, it does work with weight transfer. Leaning back somehow makes you go faster, and stopping and steering done via weight transfer, like a traditional skateboard.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much information about the Hoverboard or Airboard, but I’m guessing they work on some sort of high-powered fans. I seem to remember an episode of Mythbusters where the guys experimented with hover technology that they used to see in comic books in their youth. I believe they determined hovering as plausible.

In fact, it may be even more plausible as a group of British physicists are figuring out a way to reverse the effect of the Casimir force, which would make objects repel each other. I suppose this could be used to make a decent hoverboard that would naturally repel the ground.

Yes, all of this talk is well and good. However, I have yet to see one working. I actually think that when Back to the Future II was made, the studio spread some sort of rumor that they actually had hoverboards, but Universal seems to be going out of its way to dispel this rumor.

If some company ever does invent a hoverboard that they can mass-market, something tells me our society could easily change overnight.


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    • profile image

      truss13 6 years ago

      how much would one of these things cost and where could i buy one

    • profile image

      jake 6 years ago

      there are real hoverboads that have been already used today

    • profile image

      Lynn 6 years ago

      I've heard that they've got hoverboard technology now, but it's not commercially available yet. Come on, someone needs to make a Back to the Future-like hoverboard in the 4 years we have until 2015! Maybe even make it a year or two before 2015 so I could get one before I graduate high school, y'know?

    • profile image

      kgdflkgjdf 7 years ago

      how loud is this hover board

    • profile image

      paul 8 years ago

      one problem though even i hey do create a hoverboard by 2015 your foretting he problem it had in the video how would you hen run them on water?

    • profile image

      Grass Stain Productions 8 years ago

      Come on people! We have 5 years to invent the dang thing or Marty will go into the future w/o a hoverboard and Back To The Future will never have existed due to reverse causality. Also we need self drying jackets & Nike Shoes that tie themselves! And maybe flying cars, but Hoverboards are the key focus here right now.

    • profile image

      zero 8 years ago

      Hoverboards are already here, been here publically since 2002. As a skateboard or bike is they come with variable differential parts that need to be upgraded and cast the same way. Today's sk8brds are a lingo to them. A tricked knally or a possum fake? You must build them yourselves if you're serious. I have never seen an X-games where proffesional bike freestylists compete and shred on 12" pink bikes with flower baskets.

    • profile image

      antony 8 years ago

      can you please bring hoverboards in the world plzzz i really wanna try it out not the ones wheree thereee on the cround the one in back to the future plzz make them im 12 years old and imbored of all this rubish skateboards pedle bikes and moree plzz will you try??? thank you but i really want them if not ill cry :'( and yh plzzz :) thanks

    • profile image

      Unknown 9 years ago

      Omg ... If Only They Can Get Ones Without Cords... That Can Actually FLY That Would Be Awsome... But God Knows What's Gunna Happen In The Future.. 'You Can Sit Here And Guess About Anything That Will Happen In The Futre, But At The End Of The Day, All You Got Is A Bunch Of Dead Guesses' And i agree... if you don't try something, It will never make it's self.. right? So if we TRY Maybe We Get Get something Working To Work Out! Right? x

    • profile image

      Marty 10 years ago

      Hoverboards are plausible, but the real issue is this: Is A Back To The Future Part IV plausible? Most probably think no - I, on the other hand believe that "If you put your mind to it (with God's help) you can accomplish anything!"

      Go to & tell them to bring us Back To The Future just ONE MORE TIME!