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How 'Hand Tactility' Makes Attracting a Woman MUCH Easier

Updated on September 4, 2008

Many men struggle during their first conversation with an attractive woman because not only do they not know exactly what to say, they also don't know exactly what to do. You see, when you're a man hoping to attract a woman, there's much more to conversation than words alone.

One of the most important principles a man can learn and use when it comes to talking to and attracting women is something called tactility: the act of physical touching. If a man wants to stand a chance of attracting a woman enough to start dating her, he needs to begin tactility early on in their relationship. In fact, tactility should be initiated during the first 10-20 minutes of the interaction.

In this article, I'm going to describe something called ‘hand tactility'. Hand tactility means, as you might guess, touching the woman's hands and her touching yours. That might sound like a strange thing for you to think about during the first 20 minutes of meeting her, but in reality, it's things like hand tactility that actually create attraction and rapport between you and the woman. Without tactility, your conversation struggles to get past the strangers-only stage. You must become physical, even if it's just a little bit, from the outset. Here is a hand tactility routine which is a particularly simple and fun way for you and the woman to begin engaging in mutual tactility.

Here is how to do the routine in a step-by-step manner. You can begin it as soon as you have a decent level of comfort and rapport between yourself and the woman.

• You need to get the conversation feeling playful and fun using a topic or two of your choice. Liven the atmosphere a little before starting this routine. You should know how to do this already, but one idea is to play Eye-Spy or tell each other about what you wanted to be when you were kids.

• Now move the topic onto reaction times. Stop talking for a moment, tilt your head and smile at her a tiny bit.

YOU: "Do you have quick reaction times?"

HER: "I guess so, why?"

YOU: "I dunno. I'm just wondering. You play some sports?"

HER: "Well, I used to play basketball a little bit. Now I play tennis in summer. That's all really. I go to the gym mostly to keep fit."

YOU: "Let's see if you've still got your netball reaction times then, okay?" Smile at her and lead her into the next phase of this routine.

HER: "Ermmmm, okay!"

• Tell her the following:

YOU: "Okay, the game goes like this. I will make a hand shape and you have to copy it. Here's a test. [You make the ‘peace' symbol with your fingers] Go ahead..." "Yeah, like that, but you're gonna need to be quicker than that to win this game!"

HER: "What do I win?" She says, smiling.

YOU: "You'll see. It's a good prize...and doesn't hurt that much." [She laughs and protests]

YOU: "Okay, here we go. Be quick! This is no place for time wasters." This whole routine is performed with a very flirty, teasing attitude.

• Now you start making lots of signs and symbols with your hand. Start slowly with the most straightforward, everyday hand gestures. The point is that you start out unfunny and easy and get progressively faster, harder, crazier and funny. Slowly the girl begins to giggle...more and more and more...then she can't contain herself any more. The pressure of keeping up with you is too much and she cracks up completely. Look at the following selection of hand signs and symbols.

• When the game begins, you should pick some of the simpler ones from the selection at the top of this page and switch between them quite slowly. She'll copy you with a slight smile on her face. Make sure you can switch symbols quickly, like you've played this game before many times.

• Begin to speed up and commentate on how she's doing. "Very good!" "You're quick" "What's that?!"

• Then comes the key moment, you slip in an absolutely ridiculous hand sign. It shouldn't be like anything you or she has ever seen before. Make it like a deformed eagle's claw which has been run over by jeep driven by an angry goat's lawyer. Just get crazy. So, after quite a normal one, like crossed fingers, pause for a second like you don't know which one to do next and then suddenly whip out the nutty one. Do it almost like she's been doing too well so far and you want to trip her up. Pull the crazy hand pose and she'll burst out laughing guaranteed. You should act like you don't know what's funny.

• After she laughs, you laugh a little bit as well. This is a really good bonding moment. Now make the next hand shape: the handshake sign. If she immediately shakes your hand, then PERFECT. She's understood that the game is over and it's time to shake hands. If she copies your handshake sign, then PERFECT. You say, "No, no. That's the end of the game!" Then move your hand into hers and shake it. Either way, here is what has just happened:

- First you play a really fun, funny game. It is quick-fire and spontaneous and, supposedly, is a way of testing her reaction times. She'll like the idea of this because it's like she's being tested.

- As you play the game you bond.

- At the end of the game, you make her laugh by pulling this crazy hand pose. The pressure has been built up loads at this point and it all suddenly gets released at the end. She laughs, you laugh, you both bond perfectly.

- At the end of the game, you have a JUSTIFIED reason to shake hands, which is a really great way of initiating mutual tactility for the first time...or at any time, for that matter.

This is a very powerful routine because it combines so many positive factors: fun, teasing, laughter, tactility, humor, etc. Practice it and make it your own.

To learn loads more about tactility, check out Black Belt Seduction. It's a course that teaches its male students how to become attractive to all women using special pyschological principles and conversational techniques.


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