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How To Get A $250 Free Gift Card To Amazon, Best Buy, or Starbucks

Updated on October 28, 2008

There are fake never-going-to-get-it-freebie offers and then there are real freebie offers. Knowing which one can be confusing. As a Sweepstakes / Freebie junkie I have tried many of the different free gift card site sign-up offers out there.

Some free gift card site I have done took so much effort I gave up long before I even made it to my free gift card. To many free gift card offers to sign up for, to many people to refer. It just was too much effort. 

Mega Freebie Keeps Me Proud

Mega Freebie is a free gift card site that is different. They are easy to communicate with, they give credit when it is due, and they offer a variety of sign up offers, many of which do not cost the participant a dime.

You could literally get a free $250 gift card for places like Amazon, Best Buy, Abercrombie and Fitch, Fandango Bucks, Target, Starbucks and more. Mega Freebie really does come through for these and with very little effort.

The stick to their word. You follow the program, they send the $250 gift card. They are one of the few truly worthwhile places to even attempt to get a freebie. 

How Mega Freebie Works

The program is simple. It may change later, but right now its easy as pie.

You earn just 1 credit completing offers. All offers are either 1, 1/2, or 1/4 credits. You credit is earned by completing just 1, 2, or 4 offers. All offers are either completely free, or less than $9.95. Most are under $4. You sign up for the offer your interested in, try it out, then cancel within the time frame if it's not your cup of tea. usually 7 days to a month. If you want to keep the program, by all means do so. Your account is credited automatically for your credits. If for some reason you are not credited in the approx time frame the site says you will be, you can send a MCR. cut and paste the copy of the header from the confimation e-mail sent by the offer. send to Mega Freebie. Quickly they will investigate and resolve. I've had credits post that I sent MCR's for within a day. Others have said much less

You refer just 5 friends and get them to do the same thing. That's it, just 5. Not 10 or 15 or some unachievable number.

This offer can only be done once per person.

Get Started!!!



good luck


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