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How To Turn PLR Content Into New Product For Resell

Updated on December 26, 2008

Part 2: Create Your Outline..

One of the first things you should do is Decide On Your Topic. I covered this step pretty extensibly in a previous Hub - How To Create A Money Making Product From PLR Content.

Without going into great detail here and repeat myself - just go read the afore-mentioned Hub.

I will say it is important to spend a little time and thought on this first step.

Choose a topic you are familiar with. Plus do not be afraid of doing some research to fill in the blank spots left by your existing PLR content you'll be using to create this masterpiece.

There are several online tools - a lot are FREE - that you can use to help you determine which topics are currently in demand. Unless you want to be your only customer, you should find a topic that not only you are familiar with but also one that others would be willing to buy into.

Now that you have your topic, its time to begin your outline.

This is probably the most important step in the entire process of creating new product from your PLR content you have sitting around collecting virtual dust.

No need to get all bent out of shape, just a simple outline of what your product is going to include. This is a very important step because it makes you take a mental walk through of the entire product creation process and it allows you to make sure you have enough content laying around or if you need to look for more to fill in some 'holes'.

This step also allows you to see that your product flows logically and will make sense to the users, and that you have structure, or steps to follow when putting it all together. For the sake of helping make this Hub easier to understand and follow along with, lets assume we are creating an eBook on dogs - specifically on Chows. Mainly because I have raised Chows (and still do) for the last 20+ years.

My Current Chow - Bennie

My Current "Mans Best Friend" - Bennie
My Current "Mans Best Friend" - Bennie

Here is a factoid for you...the saying 'Mans Best Friend' was originally created in the small town of Warrensburg Missouri - which is where I currently live - durring a court trial about a dog named 'Old Drum'.

I will not bore you with the entire story but if you want the whole scoop then do a Google search for "Old Drum".

Ok, back to work..

Here, you can use this as an example for your own outline:

Outline for My Ebook On Chow-Chows:

I. Intro: Why Create This Ebook

a. Huge demand = big profits

II. Creation Steps For The Ebook

a. Steps of the process

1. Decide topic

2. Create outline

3. Choose title & subtitle

4. Decide format

5. Write copy

6. Add visuals

7. Create rights page

8. Compile finished product

9. Brand/secure product

10. Create eCover

11. Write sales page

III. Tools Needed for Creating Our eBook

a. image sources

b. compilers

c. ecover creators

d. audio/video creators

IV. Marketing & Promoting Our eBook

a. Ways to promote your product

b. Different sales strategies

c. Adding backend

V. The Ever Important..Misc.

a. tools & products to help

After looking at this example of an outline, you can see that you will be better equipped to know what topics to cover in creating a complete ebook using your PLR content.

You will be more comfortable knowing that when it is complete, it will provide valuable information to its readers. Plus it follows in a logical pattern.

Again, this outline will also tell you if the PLR content you currently have will cover everything, or if you need to get more, or do some research to create your own content to fill in the 'blank' areas.

Using the above outline as an example, in the previous Hub we have Decided On A Topic. This Hub we have Created Our Outline, and in the next Hub we will takle a couple more items in our 'To-Do'list - We will Choose a Title and Sub-Title as well as Determine What The Ebooks Format Will Be.

Until Then, Be Good, Be Safe & Happy Holidays To You & Yours.

Steve Dougherty

PLR Defined


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