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How to Find Online Jobs on the Internet (Without Getting Scammed!)

Updated on March 23, 2008
Is it Really Late?
Is it Really Late?
Stand Your Way to Work...
Stand Your Way to Work...
Or Get Stuck...
Or Get Stuck...
Or Walk... (All Photos in this hub are from Flickr)
Or Walk... (All Photos in this hub are from Flickr)

A Career Change at this Time of Your Life?

After 10 years of toiling on one job, you suddenly stopped working. For various reasons, you find yourself unemployed. It is time for a career change, but is it too late?

Of course not. Only change is permanent in this world. As a professional, you can definitely find employment again.

You are way ahead in the job-hunting race because of your expertise. Your working knowledge in your specialized field is first-rate. Any employer will welcome you with open arms. And you can command a high pay with fringe benefits.

Still, your CV remains inside your computer hard disk. Your smart outfit stays inside the closet.

Because the truth is, you're tired of going to the office. You don't want to stand in a full-packed train. You don't want to get stuck in a traffic jam. And you don't want to do marathons in the busy streets.

You don't want to leave home anymore. Period.

Nice to Work with a Loved One
Nice to Work with a Loved One

Work inside Your Home

You want to take care of your loved ones, and at the same time, earn extra money to supplement the family income.

Then, look for online jobs on the Internet. Watch this video.

Find Work-at-Home Jobs

Discover a New World
Discover a New World
Careers Online Sustained!
Careers Online Sustained!

Surf Around the Net

Online job-hunting is slightly different from the usual practice but you don't have to be a computer wizard. Just be alert at all times. And try not to be over-eager.

Browse the web. Explore everywhere. Click to every eye-catching link you see. Look to anything of interest. Take note of everything.

Every opportunity promises. Every door beckons. Your chance to earn money online is as big as the universe.

Make Money Online

Choose Wisely

  • Be suspicious. Scrutinize every ad and job offer, especially those that promise the easy way to wealth and success but ask for money from you first. Remember, you are looking for a job to make money.
  • Be smart. Verify the company with the FTC, the Better Business Bureau, the State Attorney General, and your local consumer protection agency.
  • Be defensive. Never give your personal information to any unidentified person or company.
  • Be attentive. Check out this video.

Beware of Work-at-Home Scams!

Design Your New Home Career

Finally, you decided to start from scratch with this new online career of yours. You must reinvent yourself to fit in perfectly.

Like you, I scoured the internet for weeks, clicking like mad on every link that I found, (which resulted to an influx of spam!)

I was starting to lose hope when my forages bore fruit. Out of nowhere, I discovered oDesk. This is the only online job market for verified remote work. Or simply a website that offers outsourcing jobs.

The oDesk website is user-friendly. It's very easy to join. There is a tutorial video that will teach you how to sign-up, how to create a profile, how to enhance your qualifications, and how to post your profile. You choose your hourly rate and you find your jobs.

Depending on your time availability and capability, you can accept and perform several assignments at once.

Most important, you'll get paid via atm card that will be provided to you.

The job offers are varied and divided into 7 categories:

  • Web Development
  • Audio/Video & Multimedia
  • Software Development
  • Network & Information Systems
  • Writing
  • Graphics Arts & Design
  • Administrative Support

Visit now. Admission is free. Absolutely, no membership fee.

Create Your Own Workplace

Take your new online career seriously. Be professional and organized. Pick a corner in your house and turn it into your work station.

No extravagant furniture. Just put all your old but favorite things together so that you'll be comfortable when working.


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    • CJamesIII profile image

      CJamesIII 6 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

      Odesk sounds like a good option.

    • profile image

      punam 8 years ago

      i likd it really.....need some more idea on earning wid dis practice..

    • profile image

      ABetterLifeIsHere 8 years ago

      Great page with all the information like the postal scams...many people do not know about these...and with so many people out of work these days, a page like this one informs them of what not to get involved with....

    • profile image

      eldra mack 9 years ago

      thanks for the insight i am new to this

    • Live N Learn profile image

      Live N Learn 9 years ago from Las Vegas

      Hello, Athlyn Green! Thank you for your warm appreciation!

    • Athlyn Green profile image

      Athlyn Green 9 years ago from West Kootenays

      Great Hub because you give specifics. Info that is helpful.

    • Live N Learn profile image

      Live N Learn 9 years ago from Las Vegas

      Thank you for your continued support, Mr. Marmalade. I hope to return it soon.

    • Live N Learn profile image

      Live N Learn 9 years ago from Las Vegas

      Thank you to your short but meaningful comment, Bug Mee...

    • MrMarmalade profile image

      MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney

      A very good hub

      Thank you

    • Bug Mee profile image

      Bug Mee 9 years ago from Great Midwest