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How to Get Rich...Slowly

Updated on February 23, 2008

Part 1: The Rich Person's Mindset

In the ultra-modern, western world there is a propensity for making the quick, big buck with the thought that suddenly all of life’s marvels will be at hand thanks to the all-mighty dollar, pound, euro, yen, or whatever currency you fancy to spend with unyielding earnest. However, the reality of becoming rich is much grayer if the road to fast riches is your desire. The simple fact is that, with few rare exceptions, making money takes a long time. However, not to worry. The beauty about making money over a long time is that with each new day, you have more.

The first step in becoming rich is defining what being rich is to you. This means knowing how much is enough, or if you simply wish to keep on making gobs of money throughout your life, as with people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Once you’ve defined what “rich” is to you, the next step is to get serious.

Get serious. Start thinking not about what you will do with a lot of money, but how you can go about getting this money (anybody can spend money; it takes the true entrepreneurial mind to gain this resource). A great step is to begin telling your friends about your quest. As this process takes hold, you’ll find friends who share your desires. You may even get some great new ideas on how to gain your riches. Either way, by finding like-minded folks, gaining wealth comes closer to reality.

If, however, you find that your friends don’t really share your enthusiasm for making money, it’s time to make some friends who see a similar vision. One item that must be realized is that many people find discussing money gauche, even rude. I contend that this is a mistaken belief. Money is not the root of evil, as people mistakenly accredit to the Bible (though the love of money is certainly to be found in that holy book) and the pseudo-politically correct assertion that money is unnecessary is just plain blarney. It is greed and larceny that should be shunned, not money itself.

A great way to make friends who are interested in making money is by simply talking about it at parties –this includes not only speaking about the matter, but of asking many, many questions of everyone who will listen. Likewise, economics classes and Learning Annex classes specializing in moneymaking, and other such public forums and workshops all offer a fertile ground for making new money-interest contacts.

Another great source of ideas and encouragement in the pursuit of riches is the written word. Periodicals and newspapers like Barron’s and The Wall Street Journal will start one onto the road to acquiring a lexicon of money, a mindset for making money, and even contacts for differing fields and ventures that can lead to making money. To take this a step further, look into joining chat rooms and clubs that specialize in starting businesses or investment. As well, don’t limit yourself to one concept or the other. While a small successful business can make money for you faster than investment, investing your money intelligently tends to provide a solid, if lesser, return on one’s money. Yet both will lend you knowledge of the world of money matters, and that is indispensable in any money-making milieu.

This article covers the theory and beginning action towards making a lot of money, if only over a long period of time. The next step, found in part 2 of “Getting Rich…Slowly” will cover the next wave of actions that will help to bring this dream to reality.

Next Lesson: Habits of the Rich

The Trek to Riches is Slow...and Rewarding


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    • profile image

      kristendom 9 years ago

      Excellent article with solid advice. The printed word is for sure one of the sources that leads to wealth. I read three or four newspapers a days, fiction, and philosophical books. Adam Smith-related articles are for sure a must for anyone who wants monetary wealth.