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How to Get Yourself Promoted to a Job

Updated on October 5, 2008

It never occured to me before that one day I'd be giving tips to people on how to get the promotions they want. I do not know of top secret ideas about this issue but I want to share a little insight from my own experience as a lowly employee who finally got the position that I had wanted and longed to have in my years of working in a publishing company.

As I have said, I do not know any "secret ideas" and I am not even sure if the things that I am going to write will also be useful to other people. It might have worked for me but it might not apply for others.

Getting a promotion at work is one of the things that most employees wish to have. Along with it comes a bigger pay, and perhaps, some privileges depending on the position that you have been promoted to. In my situation, getting the promotion gave me the privilege to be able to show my real potentials in the field and to be able to express my ideas and act on them fully without restraint and fear of being rejected by superiors. I now have the privilege to speak out and do things my way, and to reject some things I do not like. But I also have the big responsibility to see to it that everybody in the team does his piece of work and that we, as a whole, will produce quality product, something which is not so easy. Remember the famous words of Spiderman's grandfather to him "With power comes big responsibility" or something like that.

Aim high

Here is a simple "to do" list in order to get that promotion you want.

  1. Do your best in even the little tasks assigned to you.
  2. Be punctual.
  3. Minimize your absences.
  4. Be courteous always to your boss.
  5. Always be enthusiastic in jobs assigned to you.
  6. Learn new skills and enhance the skills you already have.
  7. Apply for the position. If you have done every possible ways so they will notice your potential but still did not consider you for promotion, apply for it. It would be worth a try. Give them the impression that you can do the job well and that you are the right man for it.
  8. Do your very best.
  9. Show them your true worth.

This list is only according to my opinion and may or may not work for others. However, I hope this would give a little idea to my readers who are looking to get promoted in their field.


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