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How to Say "Thank You"

Updated on October 24, 2008

How to Show Appreciation When Your Miles Away

So someone went out of his or her way to help you and you want to show your appreciation. Perhaps they helped you get a job, or volunteered to review your business proposal? Whatever the event, it is always nice to show your appreciation. Most times a dinner out or thank you card is OK. But what if the gesture is big and the person is separated from you geographically?

Here are some ways to show your appreciation even though you may be thousands of miles apart.

  1. Send a gift card - there are many online stores that will allow you to buy and email an electronic gift card. Sites like, Barnes & Noble and hobby stores are all good places to try. If your recipient likes a a particular sport, send him a gift certificate to a sports store. If she loves music and owns an MP3 player, buy her a gift to iTunes.
  2. Send an edible bouquet - flowers are great but there's something unique about getting a pretty fruit basket. There are some sites online that will deliver these edible works of art if you place an order early enough. Try or
  3. Send an animated card - there are millions of free e-greeting card sites on the web. Of course if you really want to do something special try creating a photo slideshow or digital scrapbook. has some great templates that make it relatively easy to do this.
  4. Award Certificate - There are many sites online that offer free downloadable certificate templates that you can fill out, save and then email to your friend. Humor works well and you can always find a great quotation to put on your certificate.
  5. Thank You Letter/Email - when all else fails you can always rely on some heartfelt thoughts to show your friend how much you appreciate their help. They are only human and probably don't get to hear this often enough. An email is OK but a personalized, hand-written letter is even better. Of course, if you have good handwriting this is great - otherwise just type it up on your computer and then sign it by hand.

So go ahead and say "thank you" in a unique way, if only for the selfish reason that your friend or family member will help you again!


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    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 9 years ago from Northern California

      What great virtual thank-you ideas! I love this, and I will definitely use these in the future!