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How to Swaddle a Baby

Updated on January 19, 2008

Swaddling Technique

One of the best techniques for soothing a newborn baby is swaddling. Here's how!

Begin by laying a square/rectangle receiving blanket on a flat surface so that it makes a diamond shape.

Fold the top corner down so you have a straight edge across the top of the blanket.

Place the baby on the blanket with his/her head just about the straight edge of the blanket.

Take the left corner and bring it tightly to the right across the baby and tuck it under his/her back.

Take the bottom corner of the blanket and fold up and across the baby and tuck in on baby's right side, where left corner is tucked in.

Finally, take right corner and pull tightly to the left across baby and tuck under baby's back.

You can carry your baby this way or lay him in his crib to sleep without worrying about tangled blankets.


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