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How to Use Google to Create your Own Webpage in Minutes

Updated on March 9, 2008
Google Page Creator Screen
Google Page Creator Screen

Have you ever wished you could just think of creating a website and then set it up in minutes? Well it seems that you're not alone. Google thought there was enough of a need to actually go ahead and create a tool for people like us. They called it Google Page Creator. And like everything Google, it is FREE.

I found it so easy to use that I think even people who have never built a website before could set up a page in minutes. I showed the tool to a coworker and he used it to create a page to offer his tutoring services. Another friend used it to set up a site for her mural painting business.

You can't use Google Page Creator to say, set up an online mall. But here are just some of things you could use it for:

  • Create a site for your classroom or club

  • Advertise your small business services

  • Put your resume online

  • Create a site to celebrate your baby's birth, engagement, wedding announcement

  • Share information with others about an illness, hobby or remedy

So why don't more people know about this tool from Google that allows you to create a web page (or even an entire website)? Maybe because for some reason Google has chosen to ‘hide' this tool from its offered tool list because it's still in its "Lab"?

1. The fastest way that I've found to get to it is go to Google and search for "Google Page Creator." Then bookmark it!

2. Sign in using your Gmail account. Haven't got a gmail account? Just sign up for one.

3. Start by creating a title for your site and you're ready to begin building your page

4. You can type in a title and a subtitle for your page, change the layout, add content and a footer and insert links and images all using a lot of ‘drag and drop' functionality. I won't go into painful detail here because like most people, I think it's best to just get in there and play.

5. You can even insert Google AdSense ads and make a couple of bucks (or cents) a day depending on how much traffic you generate. They don't take a percentage for obvious reasons like other free web page editors do.

6. If you don't like the URL that google gives you (usually http://your account you can always buy a domain name and have it redirected to your googlepage.

7. When you're ready just preview and publish your page. Make sure to tell all your friends about it.

Please note - this is not for people who want to do anything fancy. If you know HTML and/or have used programs like Dreamweaver you may find some of the functionality limiting.

But for anyone who would like to experiment with putting up a billboard on the giant cyber highway (please pardon the cheesy metaphor) I would recommend giving Google Page Creator a test drive!


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      öodaspor 8 years ago

      puma,nike,converse,cat,harley davidson,sporgiyim,ayakkab?

    • profile image

      MOmmagus 9 years ago

      I'm going to try it! thanks.

    • funride profile image

      Ricardo Nunes 9 years ago from Portugal

      Great hub! I´ll try Google Page Creator and see how it works :). Thanks!