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How to Use the 'Male Nail Question' to Instantly Attract Women

Updated on September 12, 2008

A major problem a lot of men have when they are talking to a new attractive woman they'd like to win over and start dating is that there is no real spark in the conversation-and without a spark attraction cannot occur. This special technique lets you avoid this problem. It is called the Male Nail Question.

The Male Nail Question is a specific topic of conversation which involves talking about how guys check their nails to see if they look okay. I know, I know, it's a weird subject - but that's the whole point. It's unusual and fun to talk about with a girl. Girls love thinking about this kind of stuff, especially when a guy like you brings it up. So, the basic premise is:

"How should a guy look at his nails, like this or like this?" The two ways a guy can check his nails are shown in the illustrations above.

The main reasons the Male Nail Question works so well ‘in the field' is because:

• It is an unusual topic of conversation

• It relates to the differences between the sexes (which is something a lot of women love talking about, especially with men)

• It allows you to touch the woman's hands and her to touch yours

Now let's look at how the Male Nail Question can be used.

Usage One: The Male Dilemma

The first way you can use this tool is simply by bringing it up as a topic of conversation with girl you're interacting with. First you need to talk to her and build up a basic level of rapport and chemistry - get a fun chat going. Then you can say, "Hey, check this out. What do you think the best way is for a guy to look at his nails to see what they look like?" At first she might ask what you mean, which is good. You can then say, "You know, there's two ways, but I'm not going to give you any clues. How do you look at your nails?" She'll show you, using one of the two methods illustrated above. If she uses the one on the right, you say, "Oh, sorry. You use the, erm, male method." She'll laugh at your joke and will know you're teasing her. If she uses the method on the left, say, "Exactly! Do you think a guy should do it like that?" If she says yes, then you can do a really effeminate imitation of how she did it and make her laugh. If she says no, ask her how a guy should do it. From this point on you have lots of options. For example, you can play it up and tease her by doing a butch impression of how she checks her nails or you can compare the sizes of your hands (which is GREAT idea).

Usage Two: Playing Detectives

Bring up the topic the same way as detailed above. Ask her how she thinks a guy should check his nails. If she acts tricky and says, "However he wants!" play her at her own game and do an impression of a guy checking his nails in some crazy way, like taking a sneaky snapshot of them on his phone then checking it in the reflection of a window, or something. Chances are she won't say that, though. Keep talking about it then say you should have a bet. You'll both go and talk to a few different people and secretly find out how they look at their nails. You'll do it together by walking up to them and saying: "Hey, we've been thinking about something and we could do with a little help. Could you help us out?" Then go on to say, "Okay, you know these little white marks you sometimes see on your nails? I think men get them more than girls, but *insert your target's name* thinks the opposite. Do you have any of them? I've got one here, look." Under the guise of this question, you and your target can have fun by harmlessly tricking people into looking at their nails. Then you can see who's won the bet, you or her! Fun, flirty, and it shows you're a confident, social person.

Usage Three: As an Opinion Opener

Because it's such a strong and visual topic, you can use this tool as an opener. Go up to the group or target and say, "Hey guys. Me and my friends have been having a discussion about guys and girls and the big differences between them. A couple of us think we've found a really clear difference. It's how men and women check their nails. Could you help us out as part of an experiment? After three, all look at your nails like you're checking them to see if they look okay. Ready? One...two...three! Ah ha! See! Etc, etc."

Usage Four: As Part of a Story

One of the best ways to use this conversational technique is by working it into a short story of some sort. Here's one way to use the Male Nail Question as part of a story. You've just returned from the bathroom to the group containing your target female, who you've already been talking to for half an hour. You get back to her and say: "Hey, a really funny thing happened on my way back. In the bathroom a guy was looking in the mirror. Just as I was walking out he held his hand up to the mirror to check his nails, instead of just looking down at them. Crazy, huh?" Wait for her response. "It got me thinking though. How do you look at your nails?" The topic can then continue in any fun and flirty way you like because it was introduced smoothly and justifiably.

Try using the Male Nail Question the next time you interact with a woman you'd like to sexually attract. The benefits of doing so will become immediately apparent...she'll be smiling, laughing, initiating tactility and generally showing you that she is really enjoying the conversation. Closing, by swapping phone numbers with her, is a pretty simple task from this point onwards.

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    • jellygator profile image

      jellygator 5 years ago from USA

      I've used #3 and it works.