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How to get a promotion at work

Updated on November 3, 2007

Change the Company Policy

Policies are hard to break but ineffective policies affects the over-all performance of employees. The company will have a hard time to take control of the company's production. There will be no movement or increase of production if the old policy is continnually enforce. This happened in a certsin company wherein employees were allowed to do less work after they reach a minimum of 36 months and newcomers will take the regular workload of the old employees when they start working in the company. One newcomer maintained her workload after rendering 36 months even though the old ones insisted her to slowdown and strive to maintain her stand. The reason why she is doing this is to maintain her productivity and quality of work and to help the employees at the other department in increasing new orders ,in other words more sales. Two old employees were able to drive away newcomers by making all sorts of intimidation giving orders to slowdown or else they will be fired. Since the newcomer who maintained her workload and did not give-in to the old employees, the management increase her salary and put newcomers under her so her tasks increased. Now the old employees saw these happened infront of their eyes and also heard the promotion and double increase in her take home pay. The new employee who did not bow down to the old employees got the company's approval and changed their policy.


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