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How to get more traffic to your blog?

Updated on November 24, 2008


There are a number of ways you can get more traffic to your blog and doing this does not have to be time consuming at all.

The first thing you want to do is to consider what type of blog you have - topical or personal. Then consider the places where you can market your blog on the Internet. Social bookmarking sites like Digg are one way to do it but what should be considered here is the target audience and the best way to advertise your blog.

For example, a blog dedicated to a favorite hobby is best advertised through other websites, groups, and blogs of the same subject. Exchanging links with owners of other sites and blogs will definitely get you more traffic to your website. Most blogs operate on Wordpress, providing a widget for links to other blogs and sites of the same interest but even blogs that use a different template, or no template at all, can also include links to related sites. Email the owner of the site or blog with a brief description of your blog and more often than not, the person is happy to include a link to your blog in an exchange for a link to their site placed on your blog. Avoid link exchange program sites because those will not necessarily guarantee more targeted traffic to your site.

Online news groups are another great way to get more traffic to your blog but a word of caution here: Do not join a group just to spam it with links to your blog. The group must be related somehow to your blog with regards to the topic. It is fine to mention you have a blog in the group you join, as well as any significant posts in your blog that others may be interested in, such as tatting.

Probably the most important thing in getting more traffic to your blog is the SEO factor. Keywords are very important here and unless you use the proper keywords in your text as well as tags box, it won't appear near the top of the search stack when people go to do a Google search for something like tatting supplies, or whatever your blog post is about.

Once these tips are followed, your blog will increase in traffic before you know it.


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