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How to get out of most every traffic ticket

Updated on August 22, 2008

O.K. so obviously there is no way to get out of every single ticket written, but here are the right things to do when you find the flashing blue lights behind you.

First off remember officer safety first. Switch your emergency flashers on and slow down until you find a safe place to pull over (as far right as possible if on roadside) . After you have come to a stop in a safe place, go ahead and get your drivers licence, and registration ready while the officer is gathering information. Be respectful, and most importantly honest. If you know the reason you were pulled, be completely honest about it, and don't try to make excuses. If however you find your self in the rare instance that there was a mistake, let the officer know that you don't agree in a respectful way. If he insists that you are wrong, don't argue. Remember that the officer has probably heard every excuse possible, and from his point-of-view it is very likely that this is just another one. The officer is not the judge and you will have the option to go to court, or hire a lawyer.

What to do when you find your self pulled over


Be respectful. The officer makes the decission on the side of the road. You want to stay on his good side, and if you do get a ticket it still helps very much on your court date if you had a good attitude.

Be honest. Think of your kids, or a good friend that may have done you wrong. How much more mad does it make you when you are lied to. While this is a much different situation, the same rule still applies.

Remember that the officer is human. Most people have this image of a cop as a robot, not really a robot, but figuativly speaking. Police officers are just like you and me, they have the same feelings. So put yourself in there shoes, and think what would make you, "cut a break", and what would make you "throw the book".

What you shouldn't do


  • Slam on brakes when you meet a police officer. Believe it or not, not every cop you meet is clocking you.
  • Argue with the officer, blowing up at the officer will most always get you a ticket. If you do get a ticket, you can still go to court, and if you were respectful you can likely get your fine reduced.
  • Believe all the myths. You know all the things you have heard about in small talk. Trust me the officer knows the laws, and the loop holes better than your buddy's, and a judge will never let you off because the officer was hiding, or not wearing his hat, didn't show you the radar, or any of that nonsense.
  • Try to run. Your Camaro may be faster than there crown victoria, but with the click of a button, there will be five more crown vics down the road waiting on you.
  • Make that quick grab at the seat belt. Its hard to see a seat belt through the windshield, but its easy to see that rush for the belt.


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    • knslms profile image

      knslms 9 years ago from North Carolina

      Its still important, because when you go to court the officer will have notes and if you were respectful its more likely that you can get it reduced!

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 9 years ago from Northern California

      Respect and an unthreatening demeanor are so important!... Didn't help me though :(