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How to quit smoking cigarettes

Updated on September 3, 2008

I am a recovering smoker, and it took many tries for me to finally kick the habit. There is no one way or correct way that works for everybody. What worked for me was a combination of several things.

Previously I had tried the patch, wellbutrin and the gum. None of them worked for me and I determined the only way I was going to do it was with pure will power and other means. First apply to your financial sense. Assume a pack a day at even the cheapest packs you can buy at say $3. In one week you will save $21. One month around $90, and over a years span you will save around $1100. With that $1100 you can treat yourself to a weekend getaway, make a downpayment on a car, boat or camper, or buy some jewelry. I put every month the money I saved on not smoking in an account and after 1 year, I went to the beach as a reward.

There is the financial reason. Next is the health reason. Death, emphysema, bad breath, smelly clothes and being forced to stand out in the cold to smoke. Smoking is one of the leading causes of lung cancer, odds are you will get it and spend the last few years of your life in the hospital, or on a respirator. Thats no way to spend the twilight of your life.

Now how did I quit? The first week is the hardest, with day three being absolute hell for myself and family. But here is what I did. I am a creature of habit and smoked in the same times, after the same activity. I would smoke with a beer, or in a bar, or even driving. I had to find something to do during that time to occupy the nervous twitch I had to smoke. In preparation of quitting, do no household chores. It will give you something to do to take your mind off smoking.

Step 1: Plan the quitting day. What I did was take a couple days off from work on a Thursday and Friday. Work made me smoke like a madman. The whole week ahead, I saved my cigarette butts and put them in a mason jar of water. After a day it was the nastiest looking thing you can imagine. I labeled it "Lungs" I actually had a couple of these and put them around my normal smoking areas, and even put one on my desk at work. I needed visual reminders of what was going in my body.

Step 2: Search the Internet for the scariest, ugliest pictures of smokers lungs you can find. Make them your desktops background on all your computers. Stare at them. If you have some photoshop skills, edit into it the cost of living like that, include burial cost. Bold colors and letters to stand out.

Step 3. Buy a pack of your favorite gum. Sugar free of course for your teeth, or so my dentist told me. Keep it with you at all times and chew it when you get twitchy.

Step 4: Throw them away. Every bit of smoking equipment you have. Lighters, matches, cigarettes, ash trays, t-shirts, clocks, everything. Do this right before bed so they are already gone.

Step 5. When you wake up, you will be wanting one, its mental at this time. Take a super cold shower to cool you down and wake you up. Fix a small breakfast of fruit, and drink some green tea. Go for a walk after breakfast. Repeat this everymorning.

Step 6. Find something new to do, that you didn't do while smoking. Do some household chores, mow the yard, walk the dog. Try to avoid driving anywhere the next few days if possible. Sit and meditate with soft music on, focusing on your nasty bottle of cigarette water and the pictures of the black lung. Chew a piece of gum if you get really twitchy.

Repeat this every day, it will take a ton of willpower, but for me the normal stuff didn't work. I went shopping and got everything I would need for a few days so I wouldn't have to drive. No alcohol or anything else that would weaken your resolve. No bars, and do not hang around other smokers. Get through three days and you are over the hump. You will also notice some smell and taste coming back, and you will also be coughing a lot for a couple of weeks. Its natural. You may also find that you don't like the taste of some food, its also normal. Smoking deadens your sense of smell and taste. After a few weeks, it will be a day to day amazement of how much things are different.

This is what worked for me, it may not work for everybody else, but good luck.


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    • profile image

      uyiedos 9 years ago

      thanks alot for that very important advice, i hope it would work for me as it did for you, thanks a lot