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How to save with rising gas prices

Updated on October 8, 2008

What the pump will never tell you


With the increased fuel prices we are all looking forward to going back to those days were filling up the tank was a more enjoyable experience. While waiting and waiting though, there are some things that we can do to at least make the most out of the gas we have already paid for.

Not many people are aware that it really does not take much to save some money and gas. These tips will help conserve some gas and hopefully delay your next trip to the station. Follow them carefully and you may have a bit more bang for your bucks spent at the pump.



What's all the rush? Are you really late for work or your appointment or are you just eager to get there? Everybody seems nowadays to be rushing totally ignoring speed limits.

If you try to go at the exact speed limit you will notice that the majority of cars behind you will pass, and even give you that "are you a 70 year old behind the wheel?" stare.

Well, you can care less because the truth is driving slowly will get you to your destination safely while saving on gas. And guess what? You very well may meet all those that just passed you at the next red light anyway.


Is your car full of boxes, baby strollers, trash and a mix of unnecessary things? Well, it is time for you now to clean up. A lighter cars means less gasoline consumption. So get your gloves ready and clean up! This is a good time and you have good motivation to keep your car tidy, so take advantage of it.


Are you one of those drivers that accelerate quickly and then slams on the breaks? Well,this is not a good habit to start with, but consider as well that if you drive at a constant steady speed you will save some gas. Think about it.


OK, this may sound illegal but what it really means is try to not actually stop upon reaching a red light. Instead, try to glide smoothly and slowly, so by the time you are near the traffic light chances are it will have turned green. Refraining from stopping may save some gas. You can try to do the same if you spot traffic ahead. Just go slowly and be prepared to stop should the traffic still not be moving.


Did you know that gasoline evaporates if you park in full sun? Parking in the shade will keep your car pleasantly cool and will decrease the evaporation rate. This applies both to summer and

winter. If you have no choice try at least to provide some shade to the gasoline tank.


OK, you know the scenario, you are meeting some friends at the new restaurant but you cannot find it. You go round and round for minutes, until a friend gives you proper directions. Finally, you get there after a good 20 minutes of wasting time and gas. GPS's are much more affordable now than when they first came out. You do not need the coolest one out there that talks and makes you coffee, just go with a simple one that works.


Opened windows means more turbulence and therefore more fuel consumption.


First of all deflated tires are a safety hazard, so ensure your tires are filled up properly.

Inflated tires will reduce fuel waste.


Just as gas evaporates when exposed to the sun, gas can easily evaporate as well should there be an escape route through an un-tight cap. Should your cap not fit properly get it replaced.


Last but not least, learn to shop around for the best gasoline prices. You can do this today by visiting the following link, without even stepping out the door and comparing prices.

Simply put your zip code and you will have updated information of the current gas prices offered by your nearby gas stations.

Saving gas is important these days of outrageous gas prices. In our little we may do our share to decrease some of these expenses and at the same time increase fuel efficiency.

When prices will come down your happy smile and morale should go back up, in the meanwhile hopefully these survival skills will help us cope until the gas prices will become more reasonable.

It's surely a high way to beat high gas prices!


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