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How to say "I Love You" in many languages

Updated on February 19, 2008

"I love you" in many languages

Afrikaans: Ek is lief vir jou

Albanian: Te dua

Amharic: Afekrishalehou

Arabic: Ana Behibak (to a male) Ana Behibek (to a female)

Basc: Nere Maitea

Bavarian: I mog di narrisch gern

Bengali:Ami tomAy bhAlobAshi

Berber: Lakh tirikh

Bicol: Namumutan ta ka

Bulgarian: Obicham te

Cambodian: kh_nhaum soro_lahn nhee_ah

Cantonese: Ngo oi ney

Catalan: T'estim (mallorcan)

Chinese: Wo ie ni (Manderin, Cantonese)

Croatian: Volim te (most common), or Ja te volim (less common)

Czech: miluji te

Danish: Jeg elsker dig

Dutch: Ik hou van jou

Estonian: Mina armastan sind

Esperanto: Mi amas vin

Persian (Farsi): Tora dust midaram

Flemish: Ik zie oe geerne

Finnish: Minä rakastan sinua

French: Je t'aime

German: Ich liebe Dich

Greek: S' ayapo

Gujarati(a dialect of India): Tane Prem Karoo Choo

Hausa: Ina sonki

Hebrew: aNEE oHEIVET oTKHA (female to male) aNEE oHEIV otAKH (male to female)

Hindi: Mein Tumse Pyar Karta Hoon

Hokkien: Wa ai lu

Hopi: Nu' umi unangwa'ta

Hungarian: Szeretlek te'ged

Icelandic: ?g elska ßig

Indonesian: Saya cinta padamu

Italian: Ti amo

Irish: taim i' ngra leat

Japanese: Kimi o ai shiteru

Kazakh: Men seny jaksy kuremyn

Kiswahili: Nakupenda

Korean: Tangsinul sarang ha yo

Kurdish: Ez te hezdikhem

Lao: Khoi huk chau

Latvian: Es Tev milu

Lingala: Nalingi yo

Lithuanian: Ash miliu tave

Luo: Aheri

Madrid lingo: Me molas, tronca

Malay/Indonesian: Saya cintakan awak(awak=kamu=you)

Malay: Saya cintamu

Maltese: Inhobbok!

Mandarin: Wo ai ni

Mohawk: Konoronhkwa

Navajo: Ayor anosh'ni

Ndebele: Niyakutanda

Norwegian: Jeg elsker deg (Bokmaal)

Pakistani: Muje se mu habbat hai

Persian: Tora dost daram

Philipino: Mahal Kita = Say "Mah-hal key-ta"

Polish: Ja Cie Kocham or Kocham Cie (Pronounced Yacha kocham)

Portuguese: Eu te amo

Romanian: Te iu besc

Russian: Ya lyublyu tebya

Scot Gaelic: Tha gra\dh agam ort

Serbian: Volim te

Shona: Ndinokuda

Sioux: Techihhila

Slovak: lubim ta

Spanish: Te amo

Swahili: Nakupenda

Swedish: Jag älskar dig

Swiss-German: Ch'ha di gärn

Tagalog: Mahal Kita = Say "Mah-hal key-ta"

Taiwanese: Gwa ai lee

Thai: Phom Rak Khun

Tunisian: Ha eh bak

Turkish: Seni seviyorum!

Urdu: Mujhe tumse muhabbat hai

Vietnamese: Anh ye^u em (man to woman)

Vlaams: Ik hou van jou

Welsh: 'Rwy'n dy garu di.

Yiddish: Ikh hob dikh lib

Zazi: Ezhele hezdege (sp?)

Zuni: Tom ho' ichemaAfrikaans: Ek is lief vir jou


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