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How will you play your End Game?

Updated on March 2, 2008

Misty Mountains

Mind Mist
Mind Mist

See it, Believe it, Receive it

End game - what end game? What does that mean? Well, eventually, we know not when, our game in this life will be over. I know, this is philosophical, not practical, but it is a concern we all must face, sooner or later. No one gets out alive! Ah, you say, of course, but why think about that now, I am young and vibrant and on top of my "game."

How quickly can we tumble? What fate awaits us? Will we get in our super safe vehicles only to be run down by a huge Walmart truck that blew a tire? Will we take that vacation we waited so long for only to die in a freak crash? Will we be struck by lightning? Will a fire take all our possessions and our lives as well? Or will our cells morph into giant cancerous cells and shut down our bodies in weeks. How morbid. But how possible.

I am not suggesting we spend a lot of time contemplating these outrageous scenarios, but I am proposing all of us live life as if it were our last day - not knowing what tomorrow will bring. We live with optimism and hope, faith in the future, taking positive actions each and every moment. We make mistakes, perhaps get angry and say things we do not mean. So we turn those "mistakes" into opportunities to learn, or forgive - ourselves and others.

Living life without regrets is one of the most important states we can accomplish, in my opinion. When my father died in 1997, he and my mother had just returned from a trip to Europe. One of my sisters had not talked with him for a couple of months. She had been busy, and there was a little misunderstanding between them. When Daddy died suddenly of a heart attack, this sister was devastated. She could not talk with him anymore, or say she was sorry, or tell him she loved him. It took years of therapy and a session with a psychic before she finally let this go, kind of.

One hears constantly of these instances. In "The Field of Dreams," Ray, played by Kevin Costner, suffers the same situation. He had been pissed at his dad when the father died, so ended up "building it so they would come," basically for his dad, with whom he finally made restitution.

The point is, DO NOT wait to tell family and friends you love them. DO NOT wait to forgive a spouse or sibling or parent. DO NOT go angrily into that "good night." Life is way too short to sweat the small stuff, as they say, and EVERYTHING is small stuff if you really think about it.

I am getting older, wrinkled, slower, but ever more grateful for all I have. My End Game is approaching ever faster. I do not have a pension or enough securites to retire, ever. I do not have health insurance at this time. Unless I win the lotto or something crazy, I will have to generate some income the rest of my life. That is where the "See it, Believe it, Receive it" comes into "play." It is the Law of Attraction which was so highly touted in "The Secret." There are tons of links to this Law, and all are worthy of some perusal. Basically it is an attitude, a state of mind, which allows our dreams to manifest, if they are for our highest good, which only the Universe knows for sure!

It involves using Vision Boards and Affirmations, meditation, forgiveness, cultivating compassion and gratitude - really all healing practices. Plus, if we keep our attitude and actions focused, we really can achieve amazing results. I know if I follow my bliss, all else will follow. So far so good, and I have no regrets, and I am extemely optimistic about the unpredictable future!

May you manifest your dreams until your End Game, too.


Smiles in the Sky
Smiles in the Sky


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