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IDVault 2008

Updated on December 5, 2007

Considering the amount of online crime is growing more and more each day, it no wonder why every site we visit has some kind of User ID or password connected to it. The biggest problem a lot of users have is keeping track of their IDs, as well as having their accounts hacked into by outsiders.

Not only that, User IDs and passwords can be really annoying as the time gets wasted and always constantly typing the same thing in. Fortunately, there is the IDVault, and the newest version, the ID Vault 2008, allows for some ease in a user’s life, as well as some added security.

IDVault is a very simple device. It is a USB key that looks like a padlock, even with a U-shaped metal end. You can affix the U-end on your keychain, and the device retracts the USB end. This means that you can keep it in your pocket and not worry about it getting scarred, especially with its padded rubber coating.

Installing is also pretty simple. The user inserts the included CD Rom software, then inserts the USB Key. From there, a user can just add a new account for their bank from a pre-selected list. So when the user goes to their banking or financial site, their personal ID codes are automatically entered in. Not only that, there is a new window opened on the screen. The user will need to enter in a 4 to 8 digit PIN number.

Every time one logs on to any website, the IDVault automatically registers it and prepares for the next time. As long as the USB key is in, any site requiring a password is fair game. You can do shopping sites, anything! All you need to do is just enter in a new account from the Windows Sidebar.

This IDVault gives a user a level of protection that can defeat phishing, pharming, keystroke logging, as well as other fraud crimes. In fact, it is guaranteed to cover financial loss up to $1,000,000. In other words, it has a one million dollar guarantee.

I can see another use for this product as businesses could give these out like coded IDs. In other words, information can be kept so secret, that even the programmer might not know about it.

The IDVault can be purchased from retailers across the country including Best Buy and OfficeMax. It can also be purchased online at sites like and The price there is about $49.99 USD, but the price from the site is about 10 dollars lower at $39.99.


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    • profile image

      Herb Wilkins 9 years ago

      ID Vault would not work with Bank of America. I purchased the USB plug-in version and after many discussions with IDVault support found that a two layer sign in was not supported; and that BofA used cookies on my computer to recognize the source, which IDVault also had trouble with. Since security between me and the bank was first in importance to my usage, I got my money back from the dealer. That was early last year. I looked for phone or email access to the ID Vault folks without setting up an account to ask them if it has been upgraded but could find nothing. It's a good idea if it ever gets upgraded.

    • MrMarmalade profile image

      MrMarmalade 10 years ago from Sydney

      I like this hub Macquarie bank have set up a very similar idea.