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If Racism is getting better in America, are we ready for an African American President?

Updated on July 14, 2008

Racism is not getting better in America, nor will it ever as long as racism is a word. If its not one news media its the other bringing up and emphasizing race. Americans need to learn as a country to view individuals as people, not race. I do not care what race a person is who runs for office, commit's a crime, cuts me off in traffic, or serves me dinner at a restaurant. I care about the actions and the person.

Neither candidate is ideal for the country. They are both politicians, they will both lie to get what they want. Obama has pushed the whole time for rights, restoring rights to Americans, and equality. When faced with his first major test, he votes to pass the FISA bill. Did he do it because he was African American? No, he did it because he was a politician. McCain is the same as Bush, so I guess if you were happy the last 8 years, you will be happy the next 4 with him.

The news is full of racism everyday, and most of the time it wouldn't even occur to the average American to think that way unless the media portrayed it as a race related event.

To answer the actual question, America is ready for somebody to lead this country, to correct the economy, to sever our dependency on foreign oil, to fix the broken court system, to fund education, to help with insurance, and a myriad of other issues. That person can be any race or gender as long as they will do more then provide lip service to the country, and will deliver on what they promise during the elections.


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    • adeshwar profile image

      adeshwar 9 years ago

      i totally agree with u. Race doesnt matter. there are good and bad people in every race. Its the man that matters not the race, and i really am waiting for the elections, because i think that Obama will never be selected , initially he got good response but in the end people are going to vote for a white candidate.