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How To Increase Leads

Updated on September 17, 2007

Boost Your Leads

Leads are a life saver if you're experiencing slow business or a recession. Leads are a window to the future, and they increase the potential for more future business.

When you plan a lead generation campaign, there are some things you need to consider.

  1. What will you tell your prospects that will get them to make the next move in the buying process?
  2. How many leads do you want to create? Do you want soft leads or hard leads? Do you want a large portion of soft leads or a small portion of hard leads?

  3. Who is your primary prospect? What is the primary market for your service or your products? How will you respond to the inquries?

  4. What offer are you going to be using in your lead generation program. What offer have you used before? Do the pieces of the puzzle fit together in your lead generation? In other words, does it all tie intogether?
  5. What incentives can you give your prospects to get them to respond NOW rather than later.

  6. Can you use telemarketering as a follow up to the lead generation program?
  7. What format are you going to use? Which is best? Will a post card be sufficient, or do you have to use a full-blown direct mail package?

These 7 questions should be at the top of your list when it comes to increasing sales leads. There are many other factors to consider, but these are the tip of the ice berg.

Think about your current customers. What are they? Who are they? They are the key or the link to your prospects. Whoever is buying your services right now, is a prime example of the kind of market you will target in your lead generation program.

What is it that got these people to buy your services or products. Don't be afraid to ask your current customers what it is that made them buy. People love to share their opinion and they love when you ask them what they they think.

Those answers are the key elements to your lead generation campaigns. Those are the stepping stones in your sales letters to get them to buy again and again.

Increasing your leads is important, because without leads, you can't get to the sales. You need to have a steady flow of leads coming in, much the same way you breathe air. Don't stop trying to generate leads, just because business is booming and your schedule is filled. Keep on generating those leads!

Make sure that you think about how you set your lead generation program up from start to finish, especially if you are putting in hundreds or thousands of dollars into mailing lists and postage. It makes no sense to have a huge hot list, and a weak lead generation package. Think it through. If that's too much for you, hire a marketing expert!


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    • profile image

      Reshu jain 5 years ago

      Good job.... i appreciate your calls performance and information you provide on your site... thanks and keep posting such informative post... for more

    • profile image

      johnson yip 7 years ago

      I find posting comments on forums, blogs, and social sites like LinkedIN, Facebook can increase traffic, but it is difficult generating sales from affiliates. Thanks for the tips I be sure to try them out.

    • profile image

      Addon Solutions 7 years ago

      Well, here to get more leads you may need to create SEO white hat policy do not create back links from site where people just search for time pass and they are not actual your customer try to get back links from place where you can see your field talk and more there so people come to know and so


    • profile image

      Drupal Developer  7 years ago

      From the article ways only now i am follow.. In my company having own website, based on CMS, my SERP position and all first place in google search engine.. but i can't get more leads from my site.. give more suggestion,.. welcome

    • profile image

      Lisa 10 years ago

      I also think it's worth mentioning that you should focus your money and attention on building your own leads. Don't waste your money on purchasing leads from lead companies. They're garbage. If you want to make money online, you need to generate your own leads.