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India--Republic day

Updated on January 26, 2009

India celebrates its 60th Republic day on 26 January 2008.

Yes, truly speaking, Republic Day in India means the day on which India became a Republic, with the Constitution coming into force, guiding the country, administrators, politicians and countrymen to the path of fraternity, brotherhood, enshrining a number of fundamental rights.

But, I wanna know do we really live the way our Constituion makers wanted us to? Are we truly follwoing the path of the truthfulness, sacrifice, equality, no discrimination?

We have our fundamental rights, but do we enjoy them in the true sense?

Are women in real sense treated equally here? Isn't the gap between the rich and the poor continuosly widening?

The site of poverty, with starving children lying in tattered clothes, begging with both hands, can make anyone's heart cry.. but what are our administrators doing? Sitting pretty and eating on the resources of the commoners.

India is extremely proud of the rich heritage it bequeathed from its forefathers. Let us strive to maintain the zeal to move our country to the path of actual glory, where none will be rich or poor and all will be treated equal.

But is that possible?

60 Republic days have passed yet poverty continues to sprawl around our country.

60years Have gone by yet the poor continue languishing in poverty

60th Republic day-- 60 years have gone yet we are still in the race of development

60th Republic day --- 60 years have passed and we are in the process of transforming

ourselves from an arms free nation to a nation fighting for the NUclear deal

with the United States.

60 republic day and we seem to be forgetting the legacy of the great MAHATMA GANDHI, WHO we all dearly call


Is this all that we were born for?

what is India going to be in the next 60 years?


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    • profile image

      Nirmala Vijay 

      6 years ago

      Its so bad.Worst than ever.

    • bhalla_neet profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Delhi

      Thanks a lot. And you see if we all become world citizens and share such common points and issues that seem trivial, we can bring a world of change. What u say?

      Do u see a 3-4 year-old on a chilly morning begging barefoot, tattered clothes, and without any jumper, sweater, or blanket....?

      This is the sight that i go through daily while on my way 2 office. We are certainly

      celebrating 58th Republic Day, but as far as I think we still stand at level zero when it comes to doing something for the poor and the deprived.

      It was our Republic day 2 days ago, I saw small poor children selling flags, barefoot, bare body and it is extremely cold in India these days. Can you imagine that those little kids, what do they understand of the flag and the republic day or the republic?? They simply know that by selling the flags they will earn their living for that day.

      It is an extremely terrific sight.

    • MrMarmalade profile image


      10 years ago from Sydney

      Congratulations to your great Country.

      It is wonderful that both our Countries

      can celebrate literally the same area of

      the true foundations of both these countries on the same day

      I trust that we both live to see many more.

      I believe the ladies in Australia have the same thoughts as you.

      They call it the glass ceiling. I have a funny feeling that it is only the tennis court, they get equality as far as money goes.

    • ratnaveera profile image


      10 years ago from Cumbum

      Very nice hub. This reveals your concern about our country. Innocent hard working people of our country are only who are giving the spirit to our nation.


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