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Initial D Racing Arcade Game Uses Real Car

Updated on July 31, 2007

Every once in a while, somebody comes up with a new way of playing video games that is so incredibly advanced and yet so obvious. Many have theorized that one of the reasons that the Wii has sold so well is because its joystick is less complicated than that of the XBox or Playstation models.

A pragmatic solution was applied to Initial D, an arcade game based on a popular manga/anime series from Japan. Initial D is a sit-down racing game, which is really nothing new to the arcade world, really. People have been playing sit-down racing games since the early eighties debuts of Turbo and Pole Position. Unlike other sit-down racing arcade games that usually only have a wheel, gas pedal, and a gearshift (if you’re lucky), the player actually sits down in a real car.

Actually, it isn’t a real car, but it is the frame of a real car mounted upon a motion simulator. This simulator is placed in front of 90 inch television screen, and you can cruise around on one of three different courses. Not only that, you can choose from three models of cars including the Suburu Impreza WRX, the Toyota GT-APEX, and the Mazda RX-7.

As far as I know, the Initial D arcade game is only available to play at SEGA Joypolis in Odaiba, or Tokyo. You will have to pay an equivalent of 5 US Dollars for the experience. Looks like as video games advance, so does their ability to take your money. Now, instead of heading to the arcade with a wad of quarters, you’ll need a wad of Lincolns.

Adding the actual care frame adds a sense of realism that you won’t get from other racing games. I imagine that the player feels like he or she is actually in a car. It kind of reminds me of that Disneyland ride Star Tours, where you are in a hydraulic space simulator, with a big screen to make you feel like you’re actually storming the Death Star.

I’m curious whether this technology will be applied to other types of video games as well. Could this type of tech be used to make a space simulator similar to Star Tours, but with a more interactive component? I would think we would have the technology to do that. If nothing else, maybe we could saw off the cockpit of an F-16 and place it in front of a huge screen for a very high-flying video game experience.

Well, you know if I’m dreaming these ideas up, then I’m sure somebody else most certainly is. Initial D is probably only the beginning of more realistic video game interactivity.


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    • profile image

      Matt  8 years ago

      You can play it in The Dubai Mall!! Very cool, got the hachiroku, an Impreza and the R32 GTR. The actual game is as arcardey as the pap version which is a huge shame. If it was Gran Turismo style then would have been the greatest thing ever!!!

    • profile image

      Japanese Words 8 years ago

      It is kind of a bummer though that these cars have been put out of commission.

    • profile image

      glass railing 8 years ago

      any chance theres on in Canada? Ummmmmm.... yah I didn't think so... looks very cool though

    • profile image

      DANNY 9 years ago

      I OK CAR

    • profile image

      laz 9 years ago

      i got the game cause i went to japan too good

    • profile image

      STEVE 10 years ago

      Game is in Sega Joypolis in Tokyo. You can buy a pass for like $35 USD and play it over and over again. Trust me this is an awesome experience for Initial D fans. Can't wait to go back

    • profile image

      Edwin 10 years ago

      Um were is this game so i can go try it out and if its not in the states were in gods gree earth can i just find the initial D arcade game I can't find it anywhere.