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Insights of Becoming an Elementary Grades Teacher

Updated on November 13, 2006

Student Teacher

Once you choose to become a teacher prepare yourself to be a knowlegeable person teaching a variety of subject matter covered in the daily lesson plan but as long as you enjoy working with children there will be days when you think more things should have been done specially when you are expecting for a teacher's evaluation on how your class is achieving What I am referring to is a curriculum based in a country where I came from. Elementary Grades Teacher Curriculum takes four years to get a Diploma . For the first two years a student would enroll in general courses like liberal arts as a prerequisite to education subjects which is mostly offered when you are introduce to become a student teacher namely Principles of Education , Principles of Teaching, Elementary School Methods I & II, History of Education, Observation and Participation, Tests and Measurement,Art Education, Fundamentals of Adult Education, Child and His Curriculum, Music Education, Physical Education, and most important is the Practice Teaching. Practice Teaching means the student teacher will take over an actual class during the day and the teacher in charge of the class will observe how the lesson plan is being executed by the student teacher. The format of a lesson plan shows how many minutes of each subject matter will be taken during the day. By the way , there are different subjects and the length of time to be taken for each grade, Grade I to Grade Six.The student teacher will be given all the chances to execute a lesson plan of the the different grades. After graduation the new teacher will take part in a provincial teacher's exam by the Office of the Provincial School Superintendent. The chance of the new teacher to become a permanent teacher right away depends upon her over-all score in the exam. If there are twenty vacancies during that school year, those twenty top scorers will take those permanent positions. All new graduates will be given the opportunity to act as substitute teachers for those who go on leave during the year using the ranking system.


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