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Intel Mobile Metro Notebook is skinniest so far

Updated on May 25, 2007

Well, they have finally done it. Someone has finally made a laptop that is thinner than your average Motorola cell phone. Looks like Intel will be the first company to brag that they have made the thinnest notebook, at .7 inches thick. Yes, that penny in the corner of the photo is meant to give you scale. Right now, my laptop, which is only a year old, is much thicker than that penny.

The Intel Mobile Metro Notebook, which is its official "codename", may be the lightest laptop notebook at just 2.25 pounds. Very little is known about the specific specs, but we do know a few things. For example, we know that the Mobile Metro Notebook uses embedded chips to allow a user to access cellular, Wi-Fi, or even WiMax wireless networks.

Believe it or not, this enhanced cellular connectivity could change the very sales of laptops. PC manufacturers should have to sell Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards like the ones used by cell phone carriers in Europe. Therefore, certain laptops may need to be marketed through the service provider for whose network they are designed for.

Speaking of speaking potential, the Intel Mobile Metro Notebook also comes equipped with Fortemedia microphones that are designed to cancel out background noise. This will help out with such applications like Skype, and any other web-based calling applications.

Intel designed the notebook to look "like jewelry", and this is designed to look more like a purse than a laptop. In fact, there are covers available that come in a multitude of bling-filled covers. Apparently, these covers also act as wireless chargers to this device. To be honest, I don't know how that can work, but I don't deny that it probably does work.

It looks like the Intel Mobile Metro Notebook also comes with some kind of external screen, which is becoming even more common these days with new laptops. This screen, designed by E Ink, allows you to display a picture, calendar, or schedule for the day. I believe that Intel has said that the outer screen is placed to look just like stationary.

The Intel Mobile Metro Notebook may be out as early as the end of this year. As usual, I do not have any word on the cost, and I don't know any other specifics like how much memory and stuff. I do have one concern about the possibility of fitting a CD/DVD Rom on the notebook. Is it too thin for that?

Well, one thing is for sure. Laptop companies will now be competing to be the thinnest on the market. It's kind of like models. I suppose that laptops will be skinny to the point of digital anorexia. You'd better be careful that you don't get a papercut on the sides.


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    • profile image

      latif rsdwsad 7 years ago

      Intel has a lot less cash now than it had, as the shrinking PC market has hit it hard. AMD's processors prior to Barcelona were quite good. But they were implemented before Hector Ruiz ruined the company.

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      HARDIK KUVADIYA 7 years ago

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