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International Merchant Accounts

Updated on February 1, 2009

International Merchant Account – How can a webmaster set up his own account?

An International merchant account can be a great option for a webmaster, especially if the clientele is global. Most webmasters with businesses referred to as ‘high risk’ should also go for an international merchant account. This will provide them a lot of benefits. There are several advantages, a webmaster can enjoy when having an international merchant account. Here is a list of some of these benefits.

You can enjoy lenient merchant account application policies as well as crucial processing conditions.

When it comes to international bank accounts, these banks focus on lesser rules and regulations associated with merchant acquiring activities.

All webmasters can easily conduct banking world wide.  Almost all international merchant accounts are available with instabill’s cost effective payment gateway.

A webmaster does not require corporate licensing in order to establish an international merchant account. This is the reasons that setting up these accounts are very cost effective and would just cost below $800 on an average.  All international merchant accounts are installed with the best of fraud detection tools. So on does not need to worry about any sort of fraud or scan when setting up an international merchant account.

The problem is that most webmasters are not able to set up a standard merchant account. This makes them unable to enjoy the benefits of setting up these accounts. Here, experts advise to look for certain alternatives in the form of an international merchant accounts. They can even go for a third party merchant account.

It is equally important to accept credit cards if you want to enjoy success online and that too if you are dealing with consumers market. Here are some of the alternatives you can opt for.

Third party merchant account This account is more expensive as compared to a standard merchant account. However, if you need credit card processing, you can go for this sort of an account on a temporary basis. You can use the account of a third party processor. Here, the sales will be made in the name of the processor. You will have your store front and the order page will be diverted to the site of the processor.

Off-shore merchant accounts With international merchant accounts, many payment processors have developed healthy banking associations. These are very reliable and work towards taking more risks than local banks. These processors usually forward your application for the international bank and make sure that your enterprise is meeting the criteria.

These accounts are very stable, reliable and user-friendly. One can easily set up these accounts. Experts feel that webmasters who are in the category of high risk-high sales volume must opt for such accounts.    


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