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IrfanView - the Totally Free, Totally Portable, Indispensable Image Viewer

Updated on December 17, 2008

IrfanView is hands down the best image viewer and editor for the everyday user. IrfanView is fast, compact, portable and FREE! IrfanView runs on virtually all versions of Windows still in use today ( 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista).

IrfanView handles a large number of file types, including multipage TIFF, animated GIF and ICO file support. It supports the major editing functions:


  • Cut
  • Crop
  • Resize
  • Sharpen
  • Blur
  • Flip
  • Rotate
  • Red eye reduction and oh so much more!


I've been using IrfanView for months and don't know what I ever did without it... wait... yes I do - I used MS Paint for the simple stuff, and some piece of shareware for the rest. Not anymore. It's IrfanView all the way, and I'm loving it!

IrfanView is ideal for resizing, rotating and cropping digital photos, but it's also a quick and easy paint program.

Here's a list of some of the file types IrfanView supports:

ANI, CUR        Animated Cursor     
AWD             Artweaver format     
B3D             BodyPaint 3D format     
BMP, DIB        Windows Bitmap     
CAM             Casio digital camera format (JPG version only)     
CLP             Windows Clipboard     
CPT             CorelDraw Photopaint format (CPT version 6 only)     
CRW/CR2         Canon RAW format     
DCM/ACR/IMA     Dicom/ACR/IMA file format for medical images     
DCX             Multipage PCX format     
DDS             Direct Draw Surface format     
EMF             Enhanced Metafile Format     
EPS, PS, PDF    PostScript Formats (AFPL Ghostscript required)     
FITS            Flexible Image Transport System     
FPX             FlashPix format     
FSH             EA Sports FSH format     
G3              Group 3  Facsimile Apparatus format     
GIF             Graphics Interchange Format     
HDP, WDP        Microsoft HD Photo format     
ICL, EXE, DLL   Icon Library formats     
ICO             Windows Icon     
ICS             Image Cytometry Standard format     
IFF, LBM        Interchange File Format     
IMG             GEM Raster format     
JP2, JPC, J2K   JPEG 2000 format     
JPG, JPEG       Joint Photographic Experts Group     
JPM             JPEG2000/Part6, LuraDocument.jpm     
KDC             Kodak digital camera format     
MP4             Macintosh PICT format 
PEF, X3F        Digital camera RAW formats 
                  (Adobe, Epson, Nikon, Minolta, Olympus, 
                     Fuji, Kodak, Sony, Pentax, Sigma)     
NLM, NOL, NGG   Nokia/LogoManager files     
PBM             Portable Bitmap format     
PCD             Kodak Photo CD     
PCX             PC Paintbrush format from ZSoft Corporation     
PDF             Portable Document format     
PIC             Softimage PICT     
PNG             Portable Network Graphics     
PSD             Adobe PhotoShop format     
PSP             Paint Shop Pro format     
RAS, SUN        Sun Raster format     
RAW, YUV        Raw (binary) data     
RLE             Utah RLE format     
SGI, RGB        Silicon Graphics format     
SWF, FLV        Macromedia Flash format     
TGA             Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter (TARGA)     
TIF, TIFF       Tagged Image File Format     
TTF             True Type Font     
TXT             Text (ASCII) File (as image)     
WAD             WAD3 Game format     
WAL             Quake 2 textures     
WBMP            WAP Bitmap format     
WMF             Windows Metafile Format     


Download IrfanView

What are you waiting for? IT's FREE! :) 


Download IrfanView here.



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