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Is There a Comfortable Bra?

Updated on January 15, 2009
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Olga Ultra Light Gel Push-up Bra
Olga Ultra Light Gel Push-up Bra

Not all women have the same size of breasts, or the same body type, so to choose one all-mighty bra would be like telling some one with a wide foot to wear slim high heeled shoes. Rather than choosing one bra, we need to look at which bra is best for each body size, and educate women on how to purchase the correct size.

It's estimated that 7 out of 10 women are walking around in the wrong size of bra. Does your bra cause pain and discomfort? Check your size. Your band size is the number of inches around your chest just under your breasts. This changes sizes as you change sizes, so measure every time you gain or shed some pounds. The cup size needs to lie smooth against your breast. It shouldn't cut into your breast, and there shouldn't be any free space between your bra and your breast.

Small busted women look for more of a padded bra to enhance breast size. The Olga Ultra Light Gel Push-up Bra has spandex and nylon design with satin trim, and is not only beautiful and comfortable, but it has hidden gel bumps to enhance breast size. It looks great under anything, and has a low cut design, so you can wear it under a tee-shirt or that low cut sexy little black dress. Unlike Demi Bras, which only cover half of your cup, forcing your breasts up to create cleavage, the comfort of the Olga Ultra Light Gel Push-up Bra is amazing, and your get a softer look with streamline seamlessness.


Fuller figured women need to look for something with an under wire to support their breasts. Under wires are often painful, and end up popping out of your bra, but you can find well made bras that don't and stab you, yet still give you the support you need. Wonderbra's Gel Seamless Satin Gel Push-up Bra is made from satiny material, has beautiful coverage, adjustable back straps, and foam gel pads for support and natural looking cleavage. The plunging neck line makes it perfect for wearing under tee-shirts, to that low cut dress in the back of your closet. It's a sensuous addition to any full figured woman's wardrobe.

White Satin Edge Luxe Soft Cup Bra by Avenue
White Satin Edge Luxe Soft Cup Bra by Avenue

Large breasts pose another problem. They're heavy, causing back and neck pain, and finding comfortable support is virtually impossible. Women with very large breasts are often faced with the question: Do I sacrifice comfort, or style? There are some extremely comfortable bras that give you both. The White Satin Edge Luxe Soft Cup Bra by Avenue is soft, and seamless with satin trim, giving large breasts a beautiful curve. The straps have cushion comfort lining, the stretch material allows for movement without sacrificing shape, comfort, and style. It's causal enough to wear under a tee shirt, yet sexy enough to go under the sexiest of gowns.

There is hope for all shapes and sizes of women to have a comfortable bra. All it takes is some knowledge, and a quick measurement, and you're set. There is no all perfect bra for every shape, size, and occasion, but the above listed are a cut above the rest. Remember, you can have both comfort and style in any shape or size.


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      thecomfybra 6 years ago

      Nicely said :)

    • SatinJenni profile image

      SatinJenni 8 years ago from Burlington Ontario Canada

      Although bras are for women some men wear them too. Some men for medical reasons but I don't happen to be one of those men. I fall into the class of individuals who wear a bra for psychological reasons. I am a man who derives comfort from wearing womens clothing. Not that unusual, its only with the advent of the Internet that people are beginning to realize many men enjoy wearing womens clothing. Is this sick? I don't think so..its only clothes, so make of it what you will. Google it to find out the truth.