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Juice can ruin your childrens teeth

Updated on October 6, 2008

I thought was doing a good thing by watering down my childrens juice and avoiding giving them bottles in bed when they were young...But I was wrong.

My younest child has just gotten two teeth removed, two childrens root canals and five cavities. I tried so hard to keep their teeth cleaned and tried to avoid juices unless watered down, and still my childs teeth are ruined. At least it's her baby teeth but after speding almost 2000 dollars, I realize all my efforts have done nothing. As I began to look more into this subject i found many children are having the same problems at such a young age....More so then ever before..

We as parent try so hard to protect our children but the truth is the foods we give our children, even the foods we may deem healthy could in fact be rotting your childs teeth. We need to be causious what we give our kids,i'ts important to read lables an avoid the drinks and food that have gloucose and corn syrup. Talk to your doctor and dentist about your concerns and they will usually offersome great tips and advice. Talk to people in your family, maybe your family has a history of bad teeth or health, learn to feed the body and mind of our children with good healthy foods and no matter what they eat make sure to teach good brushing habits.

As soon as your child has teeth start bushing, maybe not with tooth paste at first but teaching them at a young age to brush could be very benificial. Remember to treasure your childs health and of course yours, and take care of there teeth beacause as many of us know it's lot harder to repair and replace lost or damaged adult teeth.


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