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Kameraflage: See What Only the Digital Camera Can See!

Updated on July 27, 2007

It appears that science is always finding a way to make things that are invisible visible, and vice versa. Back in the 70’s, it was the black light with the special glow that you could use to hide a list of cars like in Gone In Sixty Seconds. Remember those fun invisible ink books that kept you entertained for at least a few hours?

Kameraflage is the latest development on this type of technology. I had no idea that this even existed, but apparently there are special colors that are invisible to us, but can be picked up by the silicon chips on digital cameras.

Considering the proliferation of digital cameras in just this decade alone, it won’t be long before every snapshot taken will be digital, thus opening up a whole world of possibilities to Kameraflage.

You can see an obvious use with this model’s T-shirt above. The lightning bolt is invisible to our eyes, but to an iPhone (or any other digital camera), it is as clear as, well, lightning.

I can definitely see a future where Kameraflage is written on our clothes, so T-shirts can contain all sorts of invisible messages. Right now, I’m imagining a world where Britney Spears or Paris Hilton walk out to greet their usual paparazzi smiling. Then, after these hounding reporters download their photos, they’ll get another surprise: messages with expletives on their clothes. I smell another scandal already.

Kameraflage is also helpful in protecting against movie piracy. I’m sure you are all aware that there are people with video cameras who make illegal copies of movies for their own personal collection or for profit. The best type of film to use in this endeavor is digital, and Kameraflage technology can help with that. Imagine a bootlegger’s surprise when he or she looks at their digital tape covered with words written in Kameraflage all over it. So much for having a copy for him or herself, or others, for that matter.

Another use for Kameraflage and movies is that it gives the opportunity for viewers in the theater to watch with subtitles. That means that those with hearing impaired disabilities can just look through a digital camera viewer and see the dialogue written on screen. Of course, they’ll probably have to create special viewing goggles for that. I might buy a pair, because sometimes I can’t hear the precise dialogue that goes on with all the explosions and stuff in movies these days.

Another use is Kameraflage billboards. This is when an advertiser can put their invisible letter on something completely inappropriate for message branding, and have it come out perfectly with Kameraflage. For example, check out this little thing with the Mona Lisa below. As you can see, a digital photographer can be told where to find more information about Miss Mona. It works better than that one guy in The Da Vinci Code.

Well, I have seen the future and there is great possibility for Kameraflage. I’m guessing what we are looking at here is the next big thing, and could be the next dead fad, like Hypercolor.


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      13 years ago

      I like it. excellent.


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