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Katie Holmes amongst the Scientologists, has she been brainwashed?

Updated on July 15, 2007

Ah, sweet Katie...

What is become of thee?

Little Katie, dear, sweet Katie Holmes, she was the darling of America, then she met Tom Cruise, he leapt across Oprah's couches declaring his love, and the rest is as they say, history. She's now a wife and mother to an undeniably gorgeous child, and has all but faded completely into the ignominy of wife - and - mother hood.

It goes without saying that when Katie and Tom first met, Katie was no Scientologist. It's not exactly the sort of religion people gravitate to much on their own, instead they tend to be drafted into it by charismatic members and leaders, just like any good cult.

Fears for Katie's long term mental health and stability were raised when Tom knocked her up and informed her that the Scientological way of giving birth was to do so in complete silence. Now there's the mark of a religion fabricated by a man eh. I am betting that most every mother on the planet would like to watch Tom Cruise or L Ron Hubbard push a human being out of their body cavity without making a sound.

However, what do we really know? How can we sit here at a great distance and judge what goes on in another's life? We can't. What we need is celebrity testimony, for celebrity testimony is the greatest and msot trustworthy testimony of all.

Jada Pinkett-Smith disagrees strongly with the idea that Katie Holmes is brainwashed, no matter how many 'purifaction' sessions she may have been forced uh, allowed to take part in:

"I think everybody has this image: Poor little Kate, she doesn't have the strength to take care of herself. People don't know that behind all that grace is a tiger. I've witnessed it! I've had conversations with Kate personally where the tigress comes out of her, that fight."

In case you were interested, a purifaction ceremony is one where the participant is required to take a series of saunas and consume a variety of supplements, including

Massive doses of Niacin, enough to cause skin irritation. Oils. "CalMag" a beverage which contains calcium, magnesium water and cider vinegar. Multi-vitamins, Vitamins A, B1, Bcomplex, C, D, E, and multi-minerals Water, salt and potassium. The Church of Scientology calims that this process improves the personality and increased IQ by up to 15-30 points.

Doctors say that the process can potentially harm people's health, and perhaps kill them, but Scientology dismisses this as a bunch of medical pish posh. This sounds suspiciously like a great way to weaken the body, a standard torture/brain washing technique which breaks down resistance to the mind and allows for easy programming. But I'm sure if the people who think we're being controlled by aliens say it's good for you, it probably is.

Whether Katie Holmes is merely a devoted mother and wife swept off her feet (or maybe lifted through some other force, given that Tom is kind of diminutive compared to her), or if she has had her mind addled with a plethora of dogma combined with girlish awe at being the mother to Mr. Top Gun's children, we'll never know, but it certainly sounds like that whole Scientology lark is great fun, doesn't it?


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