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LG Voyager from Verizon

Updated on February 25, 2008

It truly pays to have a smartphone these days. Why should you have to boot up your laptop, find an access point, and then go through all the rigmarole of start up procedures just to check your email? All you really need to do is just open up a program on your mobile phone and check it out.

That is how most cell phones, including the LG Voyager sell themselves. The LG Voyager is one of the freshest and finest on the market today, and I was glad to try it out.

There are many things that are great about this phone. First of all, the LG Voyager is an interface screen sandwhich. The front is a touchscreen that is reminiscent of the iPhone. The difference is there is a vibrotouch system which gives a sense that you touch something. That is quite good considering the weakness of the iPhone was the lack of tactical feedback, so if you touched a button, you never “felt” it.

The phone opens up to reveal another screen along with a full QWERTY keyboard. I found that I was able to type on it almost as fast as I could type it in on my computer. Best of all, the user can flip between screens, so he or she can interact with the Internet using just touch, or the keyboard and cursor arrows.

In addition to the two screens, the phone also has two sets of speakers! The sound produced from them is quite formidable. Speaking of sound, Verizon customers have excellent options of getting music, as he or she can shop for more or simply load it into the phone using the microSD card loader.

Not only can the Voyager produce audio, but video as well. Subscribers can option for V-CASTing, and get shows straight to their phone. The LG Voyager even has a pull out antenna for better reception. The V-CAST is an additional feature that has to be tacked on extra to the bill, just like the VZ Navigator.

I fully enjoyed the camera, which was very easy to use and produced some of the clearest pics I’ve seen for 2.0 Megapixels. I also enjoyed making videos on it, and there were plenty touch up features for that as well as stills.

The only problem I had working the LG Voyager was that the Internet browsing is not as good as surfing the web on a computer. The issue has nothing to do with connectivity, but whether or not the screen was meant to be put on a tiny screen. It was difficult to use the touch screen or cursor on the other screen to get what I wanted. However, with enough usage, I was able to become an expert in a matter of hours.

All in all, the LG Voyager is set to make a splash on the cell phone market, and could be the best thing to happen to cell phones since the iPhone.


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