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LG Z1 Chocolate Laptop

Updated on May 23, 2007

When I first heard that LG was putting out a Chocolate Laptop, all I could say was: "wow, that sounds delicious". Of course, the LG Z1 Chocolate Laptop may not be good enough to eat, but I still go with my first assessment, for it certainly looks delicious.

Especially with its glossy black finish, making it shine like the black keys on a grand piano. Not only that, it has an LCD display on the outside. The purpose of this screen is to use Vista Sideshow, which will alert you to e-mails and upcoming appointments. You may notice that to the right of the display are navigation buttons that look similar to the LG Chocolate phone. Makes me wonder what else this outer display is capable of. Not only that, how much power does it eat up?

An external display is not a new feature for laptops, and I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a standard. The Flipstart also has one, as well as other popular laptop models.

Of course, no laptop can expect to survive by one cool feature alone. The Z1 comes with a 120GB hard drive, built-in Bluetooth, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, 5.1-channel Dolby Digital Surround Sound, a 5-in-1 card reader, and an Intel Core 2 Duo T5600 processor.

It doesn't look like LG has this new product on their website as yet. In fact, a search for Z1, revealed a laptop that was similar to the Z1 Chocolate, but failed to have the outer display. Therefore, I don't have a price for this LG Chocolate Laptop. I also don't have a release date for this. Man, this always happens to me. I find this great new tech, and I never have a release date or price.

However, I think most of the specs that I've given you are true, and match what I have seen with the LG Z1, sans Chocolate and display. I think most of it comes with Windows Vista for business, which the site recommends.

Clearly, LG wants to market a laptop based on the phenomenal success of the LG Phone. Of course, I have no idea what laptops have to do with a phone that can play MP3s, but hey, just think of all the electronic products that have increased sales just by putting a small "i" in front of them. So if LG wants to make a Chocolate Laptop, who are we to say any different?


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    • profile image

      ali 8 years ago

      am sellling the same one 250g hard drive

      2g of ram windows ultimate

      use 1month like new

      for more information send me a message

      or call me at 514-572-7889

    • profile image

      muah 9 years ago

      how much is it?

    • profile image

      muah 9 years ago

      how much is it?

    • profile image

      dharamveer kumar raut 9 years ago

      computer my prsonal is use for looking the rates and shopping in choice in given thean one month aftter

    • profile image

      gautam 10 years ago

      i read the price of this lg laptop choclate is near about Rs 79950....onlyyyyyyy.

    • profile image

      duithedirisinghe 10 years ago

      this is a goog laptop i like it im going to buy it