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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 10: A Poisonous Appointment, Part 2

Updated on October 26, 2008

In this next area, there is a silver gate. There is not presently a way to get past the area with the massive heat lamp, not until Free Play.

There are some pipes that will lead to some water, and Sonic Suit Batman can destroy the glass things that surround them. The plant blocking your path will explode, and you can move on.

There is another area to shatter glass. Beyond that will be Hostage 2/25. Take out the bad guy and shatter the jar there. There will be two more jars that can be shattered, and a plant blocking another way will explode.

There is a big flower enclosed in a glass case. There nothing you can do to get this reward here until Free Play.

Remove all of the men and smash everything in there, and you can rebuild for another bat-suit. This time it is Robin’s suit, the Attract Suit. Now, this is one of the Suit Upgrades I really love the most. The Attract Suit allows Robin to suck up all the red and yellow pieces that generally litter the area.

If you want to try this out, suck up about 25 pieces and go back to the very first area. You can go through the toxic waste via the backhoe and go to the Attracto machine back there. Make a deposit of 25, and you’ll find that it makes a small riding mower. This really didn’t do much.

You should go back to where you were before, though. As you go along, you will destroy a boxed plant and out will sprout a carrot. This is one of three needed to obtain the secret treasure.

Keep going until you get to the place where there is a garden all the way to the right. Destroy the garden, and you can build a plant where you can bounce on the leaves. Go ahead and bounce on the leaves, and go up and grab the railing. Shimmy to the left on the railing, and jump to the Second Canister.

Go ahead and destroy the garden by the man-eating plant, and you should now have enough sucked up debris to go up to the Attracto machine. It will spew out a bomb, which the man-eating plant will foolishly eat. After it explodes, the way is clear.

This next area has a place with a blue thing that you can hit with a batarang, and a ladder will come down. Go ahead and take it up, and you can get about every stud but that purple one. Go on past a pool. You may notice a canister in the bottom of the pool, but you won’t be able to get it now.


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