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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 100: A Surprise for the Commissioner, Free Play, Part 2

Updated on October 27, 2008

As you go on the dock, there is a tiny puddle that needs Mr. Freeze’s power, and it will turn into the second Ice Cream cone out of three to get a canister.

As you get closer to the Ferris Wheel, there is a magnetic wall that Magnet Suit Robin can go up. He can then go left and pull a lever, and two doors will open. He can pull a lever in one room easy enough, but the other lever is guarded by a Jack-in-the-box evil thing. Take out the Jack in the box, and pull that lever. A door will open on the left. Robin can then jump down and take the batrope and go up to reach the Sixth Canister.

When you get to the roller coaster, and go to the ladder that takes you higher, you will see a silver thing in your way. Blow it up with an explosive, and you can build a batrope. Go ahead and use the batrope line, then go right and use the metallic wall. Get on Magnet Suit Robin and walk up, then go to the right and get the Seventh Canister.

When you get to the one area where Joker uses a shock generator to make a roller coaster make a new exit, then you will need to take this a step further. Glide over to the other platform as Glider Batman, and use the batrope from there. Keep walking to the left, and blow up the shiny metal object with an explosive. You should be able to get the Power Brick here, but I wouldn’t go any further left unless you want to do a death-slide. Those studs just aren’t worth it, man.

Go on through the tunnel, and just go off from the side to get the stuff down below. You’ll need to smash through just about darn near everything, and you will be able to make a device that squirts water, provided that you are standing on the steering wheel thing on one end. If you turn into Mr. Freeze and use his freeze ray on that water, then you will have an ice cream cone three out of three and direct access to the Eighth Canister.

You may notice some Attracto debris here. Go ahead and stuck it up, even if you have to go another level to get some. You can unload it into a machine that will make a green-colored truck. Go ahead and become Technical Suit Robin, and drive the trucks into their color-coded homes. You will be awarded with the Ninth Canister.

The next canister is easy. Just go up the stairs and to the left, and to the pond with the floating ducks. Jump in as Diving Suit Robin, and you will have the Tenth Canister.


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