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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 102: The Joker's Masterpiece, Free Play, Part 2

Updated on October 27, 2008

Here you will save Hostage 23/25. Here you will need to match the blocks to the fruits on the paintings. Blue goes to blueberry, red goes to cherry, green goes with the green apple. My advice is to push the cherry into the little alcove, and then push the green one into place by the apple. Push the blue one into place, then push the red one. The paintings will explode, and you can grab the Power Brick.

When you get to the door with the lasers, be sure to move to the left and become a high jumper to get to higher ground. Push something off the edge, and a ball will come rolling off and crack open to reveal the Fifth Canister.

In the room with the gas, there is a glass case with a canister on the very first level. Go ahead and become Sonic Suit Batman and blast it, and you will have access to the Sixth Canister.

In the one room with the glass case in the middle, there is a wall made of bricks to the left hand side. Become a super-strong character and go up to the handle, and you can push the wall in. The Seventh Canister will be revealed right there.

In the center of the glass case, use explosives to remove the shiny metal bars on the outside. Go all the way over to the right of the room and become Heat Protection Suit Batman so you can pull a lever. An automated arm will come down and remove most of the glass case. Become Sonic Suit Batman and use the gun to shatter the rest. You can then lay waste to the ugly piece of modern art, and use the wreckage to build a mosaic of the Joker. The thing will laugh, and the Eighth Canister will be revealed.

When you get to the bottom of the room with the elevator, there will be some railing to the left that you will need a high jumper to jump to. The jumper will hang on it, and his or her weight will open up a garage door. In there will be a guard, and it is up to you to use mind control power on him. The guard needs to stand on a red pressure pad, which will raise up a wall to the next room. When he pulls a lever, a box from a cage will fall. Smash the box, and you will have the Ninth Canister.

As soon as you get over the fence on the right, the last canister will be all the way up and to the right. All you need to do is become a high jumper character and you should be able to get to the Tenth Canister quite easily.


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      SHUT UP 8 years ago

      how do you get the joker (not tropical)