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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 105: Dying of Laughter, Free Play

Updated on October 27, 2008

There is one canister that is all the way in the back corner to the left. To get to it, you have to become Poison Ivy and use her powers on the three pots. They will grow into plants, and you can jump on them like a spiral stairway until you get to the tightrope above you. Walk the rope over to another platform, and you will have the Second Canister.

Now, there is one area that has a spiral staircase. Go up it, and it will lead you around to a pillar. The view will switch and put two chandeliers in full view, and you can target them with batarangs. They will fall on the floor, and their wreckage can be rebuilt into a buffing machine. Go to every paint splotch on the floor and buff it out. You will need to take the ramp up the stairs to get a few more splotches on that area by the big table. The Power Brick will appear at the place where you knocked down the chandeliers.

There is one area near here that has a canister, but it behind glass. It is also up high. However, Harley Quinn or another high jumper can make the jump by jumping to a nearby fallen pillar, and then to the next area. Unfortunately, you weren’t able to become Sonic Suit Batman last time, and so you couldn’t break the glass to get to the Third Canister within.

Go to the big brown table, and you will notice on the edges are some orange handles. Become a super strong character and pull on one side. Do the same on the other side. A light will shine forth from the table, and you will have the Fourth Canister.

As soon as you get to the next area, you will need to go left to the shiny metal doors. Use an explosive to detonate them, and you will be able to use the wreckage to build a ladder. Climb the ladder and you will have the Fifth Canister.

Soon you will get to an area past a dual pressure pad lifter. Go to the left, and there will be a yellow dual pressure pad. Jump on it as a high jumper, and a door will open up halfway. Switch to the other high jumper character and jump on it the other way. As far as I know, this can only be done on Free Play. The door will open up, and you will have the Sixth Canister.

You should then notice there is a little hole in the balcony in this area. Become a glider character and go as far left as you can. You will rescue Hostage 25/25 here. You can also get the Seventh Canister.

As you go to the right, you will come to an area with a zig-zag metal wall. Go ahead and use Magnet Suit Robin to climb to the top, and claim the Eighth Canister.

After a spiral stairway, there will be a place with some ice. Go ahead and use Mr. Freeze to freeze it, and it will become some weird ice apparatus. Smash it, and then claim the Ninth Canister.

In the Bell Tower, there are some obstacles to explode here. You will need to take them out with some explosives. Go to the gun on the right and start shooting. Hit a certain bell a few times, and the Tenth Canister will fall out.


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    • profile image

      Kris 7 years ago

      You're wrong about the Tenth Canister. You have to jump consistently on the pads on the left bell that you crush the ice with

    • profile image

      Katharine 7 years ago

      actually, with the tenth canister you have to hit both bells at the same time with the guns

    • profile image

      Katharine 7 years ago

      actually, with the tenth canister you have to hit both bells at the same time with the guns

    • profile image

      gnat 7 years ago

      first off it worked perfect, secondly as far as the first ladys correction - see this guys hub for regular play that was one of the cans already picked up!! lets all follow along with the class shall we :)

    • profile image

      dgfstr 7 years ago

      where is the gun to shoot the bells with

    • profile image

      Rubies are awsome 6 years ago


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