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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 14: The Face-Off, Part 3

Updated on October 26, 2008

When you get to Two-Face, you will have to hit him a few times. Eventually, you will take him out, and he will retreat again. Go ahead and make three platforms with the pieces that you find there, and use batarangs on the goons at the end before you get over to the other side. In fact, do this on the second one in. Go on and take out the bad guys here.

Now, there are a few canisters and the Power Brick in this area, but it will involve walking on toxic waste to get them. You won’t be able to do this until the Free Play level. Save it for then.

Go ahead and go up to the one platform to the right, and then use glider Batman to glide over to the platform to the left. Pull the lever on the left, while Robin should automatically pull the one on the right. The large vault door will open to a new area.

In this next area, there are four blue tiles that need to become green tiles by stepping on them. This can be difficult, because there are some things that tend to stream past you and knock you down. Just be on the lookout for them, and you should be able to jump up them. I found that as Glider Batman, you can jump up and stay up in order to for the streamed thing to go under it. Once all the tiles are stepped on, and the door at the end will open. Go through the door and on to the next area.

This next area involves destroying some bars, and then taking care of some gold inside. There are five ones, and some behind bars. Once you get all five, you will have the Fourth Canister.

All the way to the right is the Fifth Canister, and all you need to do is just jump to get it.

Two Face will actually come at you, but he is pretty easy to beat. Just keep hammering him with your two fists. He will eventually retreat, and then Riddler will literally be gunning for you.

There is a metal box with a red lock, and that lock can be bataranged. You can build that up into something interesting that the Riddler will target, and his bullets will richochet. It will hit the other locks on the metal boxes turn red. From there, batarang the other boxes, and then make what is there.

Riddler will come to face you face to face. He can be repelled. He will also bring Two Face in some green mind lock. Lead Two Face toward the Riddler, and he will not be able to keep the mind lock, and will be forced to come take you out himself. This is a good time as any to take him out.


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