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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 15: There She Goes Again, Part 1

Updated on October 26, 2008

I realize that most games want you to go right, but go left and get some stuff. There is something in the middle of the toxic waste, but you won’t be able to get it. There is also some rewards underwater. Need to wait until Free Play.

You can use a spinner can get a car, but you can’t use the car for anything practical just yet. Go around in an alley, and you can get a Magnet Suit Upgrade for Robin.

There are three places you can go from here.

On the left side, you can take a magnet area to a ledge, and then jump to a fire escape. You can shatter a window and make a new batrope area. However, you won’t be able to do much with it. Not until Free Play at least.

In the center area is a place to take a batrope, and then go and get some studs.

On the way right, you can use the magnet wall to get to a fire escape. Pull the lever, and some ladders will drop, so Batman can join up. You can shatter a window to get some studs, and then climb the ladder and do the same.

Jump to the tightrope, then use the batrope to get to another area. Take out a bad guy and then build a tightrope to the other side. Then build a ladder and you will be in a new area.

In this area, you can take out a lot of guys on the first area, but then climb the ladder to the next level to get the Batman Glider Suit Upgrade. Go and jump down, and you will see a clearly marked area where you can glide over and build Robin a bridge to the other side.

Once you have smashed through the windows and got all the studs that you can, go ahead and jump down to the garden. Here, you can smash all you can, and replant all three areas into beautiful gardens. A door will automatically open and you can ride the riding mower over each one, and the First Canister will be revealed.

From here, cross the bridge and let magnet Robin go on the walls and up to the next level. He can build a batrope area for Batman, who can then glide over to the next area from there. There is a railing he can grab on to, and then a spinner down below that he can turn. You should turn into Robin and jump up to the upside-down area that he can walk to get to this side.


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