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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 17: Batboat Battle

Updated on October 26, 2008

Here is another chase scene, this time on water.

The first thing you will notice is a switch on a lighthouse that can be flipped with a batline. This will cause a canister to hover, and you can take the batboat over a ramp to fly and get the First Canister. It’s pretty spectacular.

There will be an area with green and yellow places, and Robin can use his torpedos to destroy these areas. A shiny metal box will be revealed, and if Batman takes his boat and tows a mine toward it, it will explode to reveal the Second Canister.

A mine will be revealed that can also be used to destroy the front gate, located on the right and silver in color.

This next area doesn’t have anything but things to shoot at. Take the ramp and go over a wall to the other side.

There is a pole-shaped thing that Robin targeted that says 1/3 in here. Go ahead and take care of it.

There is a special thing on a pipe to be targeted on the right, and if you attach a batline to it, it will pull out to reveal the Third Canister.

From here, it is a simple matter of getting the mine and destroying the gate.

This next area will have a lot of bad guys coming at you all at once. You will need to take them all out.

There is another pole that, when shot, is marked 2/3.

There is a toxic waste spill. It is important, but you can’t be able to get there until Free Play mode. Stay away from it for now.

If you go right from here, there is gate that can be knocked out with a mine. Go ahead and keep going, and you will be in the middle of a battlefield.

There is a pipe that is smoking a bit, which will be on the left side as you come in. Go ahead and use the bat boat to get a mine, and fling it toward that area. The Fourth Canister will be revealed, and you will be able to get it.

There are four red areas that must be shot in order to turn into red areas. The first can be targeted with a Robin torpedo, and then shot when vulnerable.

The second area can be taken by using a mine with a towrope from the batboat.

The third and fourth are in plain sight, right by the gate itself.

Before you leave, get a Canister. The 3/3 pole is here, and the user can get the Fifth Canister.

This last area involves defeating Penguin’s sub. You will have to use mines for the first four hits. One on the left side, one the right, one on the back, and one on the front. After it is shaken and stirred, it will be vulnerable to gunfire, which is how to reduce its two hearts to nothing.

There is a pink and white gate that you won’t be able to get past for now.


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      8 years ago


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      9 years ago

      scotti just get penguin submarine NOT penguin goon submarine

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      9 years ago

      Hello How Do You Do The Last Two Minikits Im Stuck On The One When You Have To Get It Off The Ice.. Please Help!!!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I can't pull the special thing out to get the third canister. I've tried several times but nothing happens. Also I can't go through the next stage -where the pole 2/3 is- because no enemies show up and the gate on the right is closed. I've tried everything. What can be wrong?


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