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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 36: On the Rocks, Part 1

Updated on October 27, 2008

In this area, there is something you should know. You should get in one of the cars and smash up all the shiny objects. There is a manhole cover that, when uncovered, you can go in and get a hoard of studs.

Go ahead and jump into a Police car and drive it to the garage. The First Canister will be revealed.

By the way, when you drive the ice cream truck in front of the blue garage door, it will open up. There is no canister, but you can get some extra studs here.

There is a plant that is 1/3 here. On top is a plant labeled 2/3. Sadly, there is no way to get the other one here required for the canister just yet.

Mr. Freeze is one of those super strong characters. There is a thick tube with an orange handle. Mr. Freeze can tear it open, and ride the steam to the top. He can remove another panel with an orange handle, and then go to the right to collect several studs and the Second Canister.

Work your way down a ladder to an ice cream cone that can be destroyed. There will be a lever here, but there is another that has to be pulled. Fortunately, this is not a dual lever thing, but you can pull them at different times. You will need to cross via hand railing to the ice cream cone on the left that will also become a lever. A doorway below will open, and then you can enter in.

This next area will have something of an orange handle. You can drag it out and use it to hop up to a railing which will get you past the icy area.

It will be time to go into the lava pit. What is necessary is to have Mr. Freeze stand on the blue platform and start freezing areas that are shiny. He then needs to hop on these tiny islands and start going to the end. You may notice that there isn’t anywhere to get to at the end, and you can’t remove that shiny door for now.

There is a Canister that you cannot get here that is all the way to the left.

The Riddler needs to mind control a guy on the other side, and have him make a spinner. Once he spins it, the lava level will rise, and the villains will have a place to go. There is something to the right that can be built, then it will collapse. The parts can be used to make an orange handle for the gate, which Mr. Freeze can easily push to the side.


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      Sam 7 years ago

      Looks right on the strategy guide but its not working on my wii.