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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 40: An Enterprising Theft, Part 1

Updated on October 26, 2008

You will notice that there are two areas that have glass near them, one of them will have a canister. You won’t be able to access them at this time, not until Free Play.

For now, the only thing to do here is smash several things, and by the escalators will be something that you can use to build a spinner. These escalators are constantly going down, but when you spin the spinner, they will go up, allowing you access to the next level.

Go up the escalators until you reach the top, and smash everything. On the left hand side of the room will be some thing that will allow you to make four multi-colored buttons. These buttons have to be pushed in a certain order to remove the lasers, and eventually open the door. If pushed wrong, you will be shot with lasers. The right sequence is Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green, in case you missed it the first time.

In this next room, you can smash everything but the tables. What you need to do is go up the ladder, and then go right on the railing. Fix up a valve cap, and stand on it to make the toxic waste run in the room. You might want to go on the floating tabletops and get the studs.

Have Riddler go up to that one area with the guy swimming in toxic waste and use his mind control to pull a lever. You will see that a new place to jump to will be made.

You can have Harvey swim (yes, he can swim in Toxic waste) over to that uncovered area and jump in to get the First Canister.

In that corner, there is a box he can wreck, and then rebuild. When pushed into place, it is one of the necessary items needed to get out of the room. You will notice that a line of power goes to the door.

The other “power box” is located on the left side of this green pool. You have to jump to a platform, and then bash through a green grate to get to it. I think all you have to do is build a box there.

Nothing left to do but leave the room.

This next area has a robot that has to be assembled on two levels. The first is on the bottom, but Harvey must assemble the one on top. Riddler must mind control a certain person in this vicinity, who must in turn to a control panel. This will allow the player to control the robot to walk through four laser barriers unharmed When he gets to the other side, he will explode, and the lasers will be down. The characters can walk through easily.


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