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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 45: Rockin' the Docks, Part 2

Updated on October 26, 2008

Go back to the big door to the next smash up area. Keep smashing and go into the left corner where you can smash a pile of junk into a fan, and use it to go up. Take penguin up there, and then have him umbrella glide over to another area. He will need to smash up a striped pole area, which will create a ladder for Bane to go up. Bane can move the big box with the orange handles. There is a shimmering pot here that Poison Ivy can use her power on, but you won’t be able to do that until Free Play.

Keep going until there is no more edge, and glide off. You can land on that shed down there for some extra studs. For now, smash the two cannons, and these are two out of five cannons needed to get a canister.

Make sure you are Bane when you walk over the toxic waste to the manhole cover, and lift it up with his strength. All the toxic waste will go down the drain, and Penguin can march over. Take out the bad guys.

You will then reach a big boat. You will need to use an explosive penguin on some stuff to the left, and then build from that wreckage a handle that Bane can use to pull the boat out. The gangplank will fall, and you can board.

When you get to the other side, be sure to wreck the other three cannons. These bubble-blowing beauties will result in the Fourth Canister.

There is nothing more to the right, and the gate here can be blown up. Take care of it and take out all the bad guys here. Use explosive penguins on the silver boxes, and have Bane clear out the boxes with handles. This will clear a way to the next area, with the smaller door. Don’t ask my why the garage door is open and you can’t get through to it.

This next area is all about power. There is much to smash here. Have Bane go to the right, and walk across toxic waste to pull the lever there.

Go over to the left and have a magnetic crane bring a box over. Smash the box, and you will be able to make some conduit pipe that will come in handy.

Keep going left through the water. Have Penguin glide over to make it on land, but don’t forget to explore the sea in between. For example, make sure you stop by the glowing area, as it has the Fifth Canister.

Defeat all bad guys on that side and pull the lever. Electricity will travel through the conduit to the elevator. You can now ride up to the top. If you’re willing to go on a balance beam, you should be able to go left and get the Sixth Canister.

Go to the right, and you will see a cable car with a silver support on it. Go ahead and send in an explosive penguin through the small door, and it will explode. You should be able to jump down and build the satellite dish thingy needed to end the level. There will be more bad guys that show, but the level will soon end.


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