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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 5: An Icy Reception, Part 1

Updated on October 26, 2008

The first thing you should know about this area are the two vehicles here that will infinitely pour out bad guys. I believe the correct term is “enemy spawners”. The best thing to do is smash some stuff here, and you will be able to build up a “gum gun”. All you need to do is jump on the circular handle, and a pink ball will come out and destroy the enemy spawner. You will then need to go to the left side and repeat this process with the other one. There will be no more bad guys come to harass you then.

There is an ice cream truck that can rebuilt and driven off. You might see a thing with an orange handle. There is a window with question marks that I call a Riddler panel. You won’t be able to access it for now.

There are a lot of canisters to get here, but unfortunately, you will be able to get only one. You will notice several shiny things that can be blown up in this area. You can get in the ice cream truck and run into the object on the right of the center. You can build a lever from the wreckage. Now, drive the truck on top of this circular area, and you can pull the lever. An elevator will come down, and the truck will be replaced by a giant ice cream cone. Destroy the cone and get the First Canister.

There is a railing here that you can climb to if you drive the ice cream truck and jump up to it. This is the only way to make the jump, as jumping from the truck somehow increases the height for an average jump. You will need to jump a lot higher if you want to get up to the railing above. Believe it or not, this is one of two canisters that you can get here, but not until FreePlay.

What you need to do is go the left and destroy some glowing things, and you will be able to build Robin’s Magnet Suit. Now, this Magnet Suit is simply amazing. This will allow Robin to walk on surfaces, provided they are metallic. They have a certain pattern to them that is recognizable.

Go to the front gate and destroy all four hinges with a batarang. You may notice some shiny objects on the right, but you won’t be able to get to them for now, much less explode them. There is an excellent reward here.

Defeat some baddies, then go left to pull a lever. Walk up the wall and pull the lever again. You will then need to jump down and pull the lever again, then walk up and pull it a second time. The door in the snow man will open, and you can enter in.


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