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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 51: A Daring Rescue, Part 2

Updated on October 26, 2008

In this next area, it is all about a pipe. Destroy the things in the way, especially the valve cap on top of the pipe. Have Croc jump in the sewage (eewww!) and have him come out the other side. He will then be up on top, and he can remove the purple thing with the orange handle that has a small doorway. He can then drop down and remove the other purple thing. Penguin can then put his explosive penguins in there, and some stuff will fall. Form it into a fan and you will be propelled to the next area.

It looks like you are in a bathroom, and cops will come out of the stalls to stop you. Smash everything in the room, and you will notice in the first stall on the left is the Third Canister. The Exit is on the right.

In this next room, Croc needs to pull on the orange handle all the way to the right, and drag it out by the caged off area. He can jump in and jump on the steering wheel thing to drop the cage. Another cage by a door on the right will open. Unfortunately, that door will not open unless you are a Riddler character. There is a lot of red and yellow debris and an Attracto machine, but you can’t get it until Free Play.

This next area is the cell block. There is a canister here, but you won’t be able to get it until Free Play. The bottom cell doors can be lifted off with Croc’s strength, and the other can be destroyed with Penguin’s penguins. The one on the right has furniture that can be destroyed, and made into a fan that can blow the characters up to the next level.

There are some cops here, so get rid of them and pull the lever. The cell doors will open, and will free some criminals. Yes, I tried to shoot them too. Go ahead and get some stuff and blow up the silver door on the right with an explosive penguin. Use the dual pressure pad to get to the next area.

Smash everything in sight here. Go to the right of the jail cell, and you will come to a cell that has many orange handles on it. Rip it right off as Croc, and go on and claim the Fourth Canister. There is a score multiplier here too.

If you go off to the left, you will discover a tiled floor. You can use this area, but you will need to use penguin and go up the ladder to the right here, and then glide as Penguin to the lever. A turnip will fall, and it can be assembled into a bomb. Push on the bomb, and you will roll it down some stairs to end the lever.


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