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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 52: Arctic World, Part 1

Updated on October 26, 2008

Oddly enough, there really isn’t much to do but smash up a lot of things here. The Canister in the ice cream stand is not obtainable as yet.

You may notice a thing where toxic waste flows on the left, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to cross that without a toxic-resistant character, and you don’t have one as yet. You may also notice when you punch the trees all on the right, that the pots will shimmer. Too bad you don’t have Poison Ivy and her powers as yet, and unfortunately, they don’t go anywhere.

Go until you get to the big ice berg blocking your way, and use Catwoman to leap up on top of it. After wrecking some things, she can assemble a ladder for Penguin to come up.

You may notice a huge fenced off area that is to your left, but there isn’t much that can be done from here. Those who are very observant will notice the Magnetic wall on the right. Yes, you won’t be able to use that unless you are Magnet Feet Robin.

The only thing you can do in this area now is make Penguin can go right and glide over to this one area where he can cross some platforms that will fall into the water below. This is how Catwoman can cross the water. Too bad there is no way of getting that Canister now.

There is a lever on the right that will operate a fan. The tricky part is getting the Penguin on the fan by switching characters quickly. Do it a few times, and you will get it. He can then glide up to the small door. Setting a tiny explosive penguin in there will cause a ball to roll and crack open some ice on some parts.

There are two other parts that need to be pushed down. The first is a cube of ice that has to be pushed down one, then another level. The other just has to be pushed off, but then blown up with an explosive penguin.

You may notice a slalom course way over to the right here. You won’t be able to access it as yet, for you need a certain type of character. Forget about it until Free Play.

Penguin and Catwoman can assemble an icebreaker machine. Go left and crack open something by the water. When assembled, this device will have a green pressure pad that, when jumped on, will create an inflatable bridge.

Go ahead and use the icebreaker machine to go over that bridge, and smash through the ice block. You will notice a pad to park the icebreaker on, and you can assemble a lever here. Pulling the lever will raise the icebreaker up, where you can use it to smash through the ice on the stairs. This will go to the next level.


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    • profile image

      niki 7 years ago

      Just drive the machine into the pond cuz it gets stuck n your screwed n have to restart