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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 55: A Surprise for Commissioner Gordon, Part 2

Updated on October 26, 2008

Just go right on the roller coaster track to the next area. You’ll have to go down a steep drop, but you can send Harley up to a ladder, and then to a lever. A ladder will drop down, and Joker can join her. They both can jump to where they need to go, which is on the right.

Joker needs to use his electric power to raise up an elevator, and then the characters can smash up a boarded up place there. They can use the debris to build a double-top table and a tightrope to the other side.

There will be things that need to be smashed here which will make three levels of railing that the characters can go up to another area, and to some roller coaster tracks. Keep going up a ladder, and then go left to have Harley double jump to another platform. She can jump to a lever that will drop a ladder down for the Joker. The Joker can come up the ladder and jump to the shocker generator. A roller coaster car will come through and bash a new exit.

You will then need to go down the track and jump off. You may notice an area to the left that allows you to bash up many things. You can build something that will squirt water, but won’t do you much good now. Just get as many studs as possible.

You can go further to the right and turn on a merry go round for some studs. You should go to one area by an ice cream truck and smash some stuff to build a cannon. The cannon will go off, and this will result in an open door. Bust open some things in this stand, and you will find a safe that gives a combination of blue, red, and yellow in that order.

There is a control area to the right where this blue, red, and yellow must be entered in. Pull the lever and the door will open.

Before you leave, you should know the ice cream truck here is not just here for laughs, but reward. Go ahead and drive it to the area with the glass garage door and the two flashing lights. The door will open automatically, and you will be able to claim the Second Canister.

Now, the next thing to do is go to the area where you will face Commissioner Gordon. You can fight him off, but he will try and go elsewhere. Go to the crane and charge it up via electricity. Use the crane to pick up some explosives and drop them by the squad car. There are three other shiny things that you can use them on too. After you destroy the squad car, you can beat Commissioner Gordon again. Do this again and the level will end.


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