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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 58: The Joker's Masterpiece, Part 2

Updated on October 26, 2008

Pull a lever in this area, and a panel will open. When the Joker shoots this panel out, the lasers on the pictures below will drop. The characters can bash the tiles, and then use them to complete the tile pattern on the floor. Once the big block is moved, the characters can jump on it to get to the next floor.

A character needs to assemble a railing, and Joker needs to jump up to it and jump to the top of the block. A player can swich to Scarecrow, who then needs to push it into place. Joker can go up to the next floor and assemble a fan. The gas will be removed from the room, and the doors to the next area will open.

This one area has a weird modern art statue that will eventually lead to a canister, and there is something more to the left that will do the same, but not now. The next area has a lot of cops that need to be taken out by bullets from Joker’s gun. You should smash all the art here, and you notice that on the right wall, after smashing through three pictures, you have a lever, but you won’t be able to reach it yet.

Like the last area, this next one has an area of gas that only Joker can enter in. By a statue that is holding a platform is some things that can be trashed. There will be pieces of railing that can be used to create something to climb to. Climb the railings and pull the lever to have some parts come out. Build the parts into a shock generator, and the characters can leave via elevator.

In this next area, there will be some stuff to shoot at, and then you can assemble a forklift palette to step up to the next area. There is a railing here that will lead to a canister, but you won’t be able to get it as yet.

Go ahead and shoot the cops who are shooting at you. Now, what you need to do is pull a lever, and a box will come out. Go over to the turbine as the Joker and shock it until the box is moved via conveyor to the other side.

Swim as Joker in that polluted pool and smash up the pallet wood devices. You can then build a second box there. Pull the lever, and it will be raised to the surface.

Get in the crane and move the boxes on the orange pressure pads. A bridge will be extended so Scarecrow will cross.

By the way, don’t forget to pull the lever on the conveyor again, and start another box from going to the other side, because when it gets there, you will have the Third Canister.

I believe that it is the Scarecrow that can open the door on the Riddler panel, and you will be at the end of the level.


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    • profile image

      Scorpio 7 years ago

      Thank you soooooooooooooooo much!!! The third canister was the last one I needed to get in the whole game!!! If it wasn't for these guides I would've never got abou 46% of them!