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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 61: Dying of Laughter

Updated on October 27, 2008

There is so much to shoot and smash here, there would be no point in going into detail. You should probably make toward the big table, and shoot up all the cops who are trying to shoot at you.

Once they are down, go to the one shock generator, and you will destroy a portable generator. Fix it up into a platform on wheels, then push it to the opposite site of the room on the tiled floor. This platform will rise up a bit, which is just enough to let Harley jump to the top of it, and then jump to the statue holding a book.

Jump up to the balcony on the pillar, and then jump to the next one. You can build a tightrope leading all the way to a platform on another pillar, and there is a shock generator here. Fortunately, you can destroy something holding up a ladder, and the Joker can start the generator working.

A platform will come down, so ride it to the top. Nothing to do here but go right and take out some cops. Watch out for the bridge here, because it does not hold. Have Harvey keep going right, and she can build a tightrope that will allow Joker to come over. He can then use his shocking power on a generator, and a dual-pressure pad thing will go higher.

Keep going to the right, and you will eventually come to a bridge. Once again, do not stay on the bridge too long. Go up the spiral stairwell and then build something that doesn’t look like it could be of any use at all. Harley needs to make a long double jump to the other side where she can take out some guards and build the rest of the platform needed so Joker can come over.

When you get to the one bell on the left, and ring it several times, you will need to keep hitting it. Eventually, a canister will fall out of it. Go ahead and claim the First Canister.

Go to the left of this room, and jump up to the platform at the bottom of the stairs. Build a railing, and then another. Go to the other area, and have Harley hop up there and pull the lever. A bridge will extend. Joker will then come over there, and he and Harley can stand on a dual pressure point to shatter a statue. The can then build an electronic thingy.

As for the other area, you need to have Harley flip up to a higher platform, and then wait for the Joker to get in position. She will jump on a platform, and it will rise. The Joker will get off at the right time, and she can jump to where he is. After the dual platform, they will shatter a statue, and can assemble the next electronic thingy.


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