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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 77: Joker's Home Turf, Free Play, Part 2

Updated on October 27, 2008

You will come to an area where there is a canister in a certain place. What you need to do is become a toxic resistant character and pull a lever. The gas will spray out the other side here, and you can climb the ladder to get the Sixth Canister.

Go ahead and become a high jumper and you can get some studs.

When you get to the point where the forklift makes an elevator goes up, go on and get on. Go left and remove the gate with the orange handle and rip it off with a super strong character. You can fix up a railing, and become a high jumper character and jump up there. You will then need to do a long horizontal jump to a railing, and then jump up to the railing above. Go all the way right and haul yourself up to get the Seventh Canister.

Now, you will soon get to a point where there will be a fenced off ladder. Go down the ladder, and turn into a toxic waste resistant character and go all the way right. You should be able to find the Eighth Canister.

From there, you will get to the next area. You need to go to the left, and there will be some water here. Go ahead and become Mr. Freeze, and you will have some blocks of ice floating in the water. Jump on the block of ice, and freeze the next area. Become a high jumper character and jump over to the other side.

There is a magnet area here, but there isn’t much there but some studs.

What you’re really aiming for is back, and you need to use the Sonic Suit to shatter the glass. Here is an area that involves some color mixing. Red and blue make purple. It will move. Blue and Yellow make green, and red and yellow make orange. The Power Brick will appear.

As you go out of here, you will find an area that has an elevator that you weren’t able to use before, but there is a shock generator that can be operated by Joker that will raise it up with you on it. On the top of it will be Hostage 12/25.

Spin the spinner while you are up here, and you will be able to make the Toxic waste trade places. One side will drain, and you will have the Ninth Canister.

In the final area where you face off with the Mad Hatter, there are some shiny tanks sitting in a corner. Go ahead and destroy them with an explosive, and the Tenth Canister will be here for you.


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